5 Tips for Cleaning a One-Hitter


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As per Gallup, the number of American adults who have used marijuana has risen to 49 percent. The number of marijuana users has drastically increased in recent years as it became legal in many US states like Alaska, Arizona, California, etc. But the increase in marijuana usage has led to the increased demand for one hitter, one of the most liked devices to smoke marijuana. Individuals are very fond of one-hitters as it is the best way to consume marijuana. But one should know how to clean a one hitter if they want to use this device for a long time. A piece of good news is that cleaning this device is as easy as smoking.

5 Tips for Cleaning a One-Hitter

So individuals just need to know the essential tips to clean it so they can happily use it for years.

Essential tips for cleaning one-hitter

1. Choose the right cleaning method

Depending on the type of one-hitter an individual owns, they should choose the best cleaning method that suits their device. For example, the best method to clean glass pipes is with the help of isopropyl alcohol and salt. For metal pipes, the best method is to simply keep them in boiling water. Thus choosing the suitable method according to the type of pipe is very important to protect them from any damage.

2. Don’t speed up the process

When cleaning the hitter for the first time, it is not advisable to speed up the process, as it is first essential to understand it and then implement it slowly. Speeding up the procedure may cause more harm than good. But as individuals get used to the cleaning process, they can alter the cleaning procedure according to their requirements.

3. Use the right tools

To avoid breaking or cracking the pipe, it’s crucial to use only soft, flexible tools while cleaning out the jammed particles in the device. An individual should use only flexible pipe cleaners while working with glass and avoid using any metal, like paper clips, if not necessary.

4. Try to use natural ingredients

It is always best to use natural ingredients when an individual is planning to take up cleaning seriously. Natural ingredients don’t harm the actual material and deep clean the device. For example, instead of using isopropyl alcohol, one can use lemon juice or coarse salt. Lemon juice is acidic and effectively removes the resin and stains in the pipe. They are great ingredients to neutralize order as they act as antibacterial substances.

5. When should it be cleaned?

This is an essential yet confusing question, but it is crucial to understand that the number varies according to the individual. If an individual is crazy about cleaning, they can clean it after every use, but if you are a lazy head, cleaning it after using it 4-5 times is also okay. An individual can determine whether the pipe needs cleaning or not just by looking at it. If there is a lot of particular visible in it, you can decide to clean it.

When using such a device to intake marijuana, you are the only one responsible for cleaning it. By keeping the tips mentioned above, you can better understand how to clean a one-hitter. You can also check out the various resources on the internet to learn about other nuances of a one-hitter for a better smoking experience.


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