7 Gambling Tricks To Boost Your Winnings


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People gamble for fun, to experience the adrenaline rush, to make money, or to entertain themselves. Many people also consider gambling a side hustle. The best gambling sites in India offer lucrative bonuses to every participant and always increase the fun.

For some folks, gambling takes more than skills to win. Quite a few rely on rituals and “lucky charms”. Nonetheless, smart play and prudent decision-making are essential to winning. Both novices and pros can benefit from the following strategies to “improve” their luck and increase their chances of winning when they gamble.

7 Strategies to Gamble like a Pro

Here are seven key strategies to help you increase your chances of winning:

Watch out for Small Jackpots

People tend to play big jackpots in hopes of winning life-changing amounts of money. However, playing small jackpots is a better way to go. The reason is that only a handful of people take the biggest jackpots. The odds of winning something like this are very high, and it takes incredible luck to win such prizes. For this reason, it might be a much better approach to look at gambling games online that don’t offer significant odds.

Also, less popular games tend to pay out more. With some smart playing strategies, you can make small profits on these games over time and make a fortune gradually.

Play with Only Casino Money

The secret to winning at online casino games is smart money management. Try and grab the maximum rewards and bonuses offered by the casino. Some online casinos offer no-deposit bonus money. You can use this money to play and win without risking anything. You can also use this to gauge your gambling skills and get a good head start.

Make the Best Bets when Playing Slot Machines

Slot machines are boxes of opportunities. Betting on slots can actually fetch around 86% to around 98% returns. So instead of playing penny slots, choose a machine where you can bet Rs. 100, Rs. 500, or more. Remember, there is no guarantee, and winning cannot be predicted. But the chances of winning are higher. While you must keep it low and strategic for other casino games, you can play big with online slot games!

Find Low Variance Gambling Games Online

Want to play with less money? Pick low-variance games. Low variance or low volatility games pay out regular but small rewards. It’s smart to pick them if you’re a beginner at gambling or want to play for fun.

Gambling games use words like ‘high’, ‘moderate’, and ‘low’ to rate the variance of a game. Let us take Blackjack as an example. This is a low-variance game that does not depend on the player’s knowledge or the deck of cards.

Take Lots of Breaks and Play Slowly

The house edge should be thought of as a tax on the money you pay. You pay this tax every time you place a bet. It won’t happen in the short term, but it will if you play long enough.

For example, consider two slot machine players. One is playing 100 hands an hour at Rs. 100 a hand. The player is running a 1000 hourly wage. If the house has a 7% edge, their expected loss per hour is Rs. 70.

The other one only plays 50 hands an hour at Rs. 100 a hand. They take their time playing and take a lot of breaks, so their hourly wage is only Rs. 500. They are expected to lose only Rs. 35 per hour at the same house edge.

Slower players may have more fun because they are more mindful and likely to pay more attention to their gambling actions.

Play the Lowest Stakes and Get the Most Wins

Do not give in to the temptation of betting big to win big. Keep your stakes low. If you’re on a $100 budget, do not play a $60 slot. You’ll have fewer chances to play and try your luck. Under such a budget, a pro-gambling tip would be to bet $1-5 slot spin. Play smart!

Choose the Most Likely Option, Not the Cheapest Option

It’s just natural to be drawn to the cheapest and most exciting choices while gambling. However, playing different options presents different opportunities. Let us take roulette, for example. It’s enjoyable to think of the pretty payouts you get if you hit a certain number. But this is also highly unlikely, and it’s probably wise to consider the trends of a particular table and bet accordingly.

Payouts could be less depending on the odds, but you can win more often and ultimately make more money in the long run.


There is no sure-shot probability table to predict if you are going to win or not. It could be a matter of probability or luck that there will surely be a red after two consecutive blacks in roulette. This cannot be ascertained or calculated precisely, so it’s better to smarten up your game to improve your chances of winning.

Finally, only play on trusted, reputable, safe, and best gambling sites in India. Refer to online casino reviews to make the best choices and play smart!


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