9 Critical Do-It-Yourself Mods You Can Do on Your Car


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You might have the mistaken notion that you will require a mechanical engineering degree to make modifications to your car. It is hardly ever true nowadays. Although you should have some mechanical knowledge before you start removing engine covers and moving stuff on your vehicle, there are still plenty of tweaks that are well within reach of a majority of people.

9 Critical Do-It-Yourself Mods You Can Do on Your Car

There are a few upgrades that almost anyone can do to make a massive difference to a regular driver. This article discusses a few effortless ways that will breathe new life into your old ride, from installing a car with new tires and spark plugs to putting up backup cameras and a data monitoring system. Fortunately, it is easy to access these parts via online shops such as Aerpro.

Spark Plugs

Installing better spark plugs from Aerpro is an effortless and affordable way that can make all the difference in your car. If your spark has good quality, the better the combustion will have, which will translate to more power and better fuel use.

The engine control unit or ECU flash

The engine control unit in your car is set up from the factory to manage the engine’s fuel-air synthesis. It helps maximize efficiency and power. The problem is that the manufacturers tend to program the ECU parameters well below the engine’s actual ability. It is done as a safety net. However, a quick reprogram can unlock all sorts of optimum engine performance. In some instances, it even offers better gas mileage.


It is critical to replace bushings. However, the process may be more involved than merely swapping spark plugs. In the end, you will be glad you did this. These bushings sit between the suspension and the frame, and the chassis of the engine. The factory rubber bushings help mitigate vibrations all over your car.

The challenge with rubber bushing is that they tend to wear out and tear over time. It is better to opt for polyurethane bushings which last longer compared to their rubber counterparts. Polyurethane also does a better job of mitigating vibrations and reducing weight transfer.

Cold air intake

Your car may be nonliving, but it also breathes, and the better it breathes, the better it runs. A cold air intake frees up the airflow towards your engine, but it also feeds this part with cooler and denser air which engines thrive on.


Installing infotainment systems in cars is relatively new. So, it is quite understandable if you feel quite behind if you have an older car. New modern interfaces and speaker systems are an effortless way to re-energize your daily routine commute or weekend drive.

Backup Camera

Backup cameras only currently began becoming popular across the car industry. Once you utilize a backup camera, parallel parking and reversing in tighter spaces will no longer feel like serious work. Backup cameras have become a non-negotiable in many cases.

Data Monitoring

You might be someone considered skilled under the hood of the car. However, identifying a specific problem can be almost impossible. It is an excellent thing that a data monitoring system keeps you knowledgeable and reveals issues in plain language.

Remote Start

Warming up or cooling down your ride before even getting in it is a true luxury. But keep in mind that you do not need a personal driver to be paid. Nowadays, all you need is a simple remote starter.

Pressure Monitoring System

Regardless if you’re going on a long road trip or making your way through your daily commute, several things can ruin a drive, such as a flat or leak. It is critical to keep the correct PSI in all 4 corners of your car. It doesn’t just offer safety, but you will also extract better handling and performance from your tires when they are correctly inflated.


It is critical to be smart with the mods you apply to your car. Do not merely be concerned with the looks of your vehicle but mod according to function and performance. In some cases, these modifications can offer life-saving features aside from providing optimum comfort and effortless drive.


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