A Simple Guide to Every Type of Vaporizer


Being able to heat up your oils, concentrates or dry herbs gives you convenience. Vaporizers allow you to enjoy (and feel the benefits) of your concentrates or dry herbs from the comfort of your own home, or even when you are on the move, or on the go traveling. When it comes to choosing a vaporizer for you and your use, what types should you consider and why? What vaporizers are going to work for you, and what models or brands should you be considering to ensure you get the best experience possible?

A Simple Guide to Every Type of Vaporizer

Standard Vaporizers

If convenience or size is not a major concern of yours, then you should look at standard or box vaporizers. These are sometimes confused with humidifiers so be sure about what you are buying and using. These are often larger in size, and then can often be bulkier and heavier than portable vaporizers. A standard vaporizer is ideal for use and consumption in your own home. This is not the kind of vaporizer you could quickly and easily pack up and use when you are on the go. The standard vaporizer can allow you the option to be hands-free (or not) depending on the model or brand used. They are of course slightly more bulky than a vape pen, or portable vaporizer, but if you are after a model for in-home use only, a standard vaporizer may be a good option.

Portable Vaporizers

When you are on the go and busy traveling from here and there, you need convenience at your fingertips. With a portable vaporizer, you get the chance, and opportunity to consume your dry herbs or liquids at a time and place that is comfortable and suitable for you. With portable vaporizers, they are smaller in size, and they often use convection heating to heat up oils or dry herbs. Portable vaporizers offer more flexibility in terms of shape, size and color. At Nectar Medical Vapes you will be able to find a vaporizer that suits both your needs and your requirements. When looking at portable vaporizers size will be a big consideration. Do you want something that holds more, and that can last you a little longer? Or, are you looking for something smaller, and perhaps more discrete? What is important to you and why?

Vape Pens

For vaping small amounts of liquids, you may want to look at vaping pens. These can easily and conveniently be refilled, and as they are often smaller in size, you will find that they can fit in a purse or even in your pocket. Vaping pens are lightweight and they are small in size which is great if you are traveling light. Of course, as they are often smaller and slender in appearance, that does mean that you will have to make a compromise somewhere along the line, and this may mean the number of dry herbs you are using or the amount of liquid you use. They do not hold a lot, so think about this in relation to your consumption, usage and needs, here arizer solo 2 is a great option.


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