Benefits of Using a Sun Protection Wrap


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Whoever it is that said that it is okay for your arms to be exposed to the sun is wrong. If you think the same then you are also wrong. Your arms are as important as every inch of your body and it needs to be protected from the heat of the sun. This article will walk you through some benefits that a sun protection wrap can provide you.

Benefits of Using a Sun Protection Wrap

There are many wraps available in the market today that only differ in materials and functionality but all aim to protect your arms. Now take a glimpse at wraps or sleeves’ benefits.

Excellent for people who love outdoor sports

It is good for people who are always on the go to do extreme sports outdoors under the burning heat of the sun. Unless you are performing a particularly concentrated workout session, the breathable material keeps the sleeves from being too damp. However, you should be aware that this kind of wrap will be too tight if you have bigger triceps and biceps, or thicker arms in general.

It can cover a tattoo

When you are a sportsperson who prefers to conceal tattoos, you will highly appreciate a wrap in your collection. What you will like about such sleeves in terms of coverage is that they shield your tattoos from every undesirable lighting or if you need to hide it for a tournament. You had to place this sleeve above in our ranking list since it has UPF 50.

Who should consider buying a wrap?

  • Anybody who requires partial or complete tattoo arm covering.
  • People that require UPF 50 or higher protection against UVA and UVB light.
  • Individuals who desire a 360-degree suit overall convenience.

Your best UV protection

A wrap will improve the number of outdoor activities happening on fields, racetracks, then on a bicycle if you are a biker. You may relax a little more realizing the very day following these outside workouts, you do not have to use an aloe vera to treat some red-colored skin.

Wraps may protect both your arms from sweat and sun exposure. Usually, arm sleeves are worn from the shoulders down to the wrist and can provide the comfort everyone needs when doing daily routines.


If you practice yoga, aerobics, or is a weightlifter experimenting out wild flow, wraps are worth considering. Good news for fashionistas as there are various colors and designs wrap can offer everyone.

Visually appealing

Not all wraps provide a specific function. They might be purely for aesthetic purposes. A practical application for such wraps was to aid in optimal arm placement during larger exercises such as squatting and strength training. Having these wraps and filming yourself doing these lifts helped to show where your arm’s positioning was right or incorrect.

What you should look out for when purchasing one

Cooling arm wraps, overall, have a propensity to cover shorts. Some sleeves, on the other hand, are designed with flexibility so that they may be marketed as one-size-fits-all. There is sun protection wrap marketed that also covers the hand through a slit which the thumb may slide through.


Arm sleeves that are cool to the touch may take away perspiration, preserve skin from the sun, and even offer compression. These are an amazing addition to the health products of anyone who always has the time for outdoor activities and adventures.


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