Cricket Betting Rules and Tips


Cricket is a great sport and it is easy to analyze. Knowing the basics and the rules of the game will help smart bettors get a decent profit from cricket betting and always be in the plus.

Rules of cricket

Of course, it’s impossible to bet on a cricket match if you don’t know the rules of the game. Cricket matches are played on an ellipse-shaped grass field. In the center of the field there is an area where the game takes place, with two teams, each team having 11 athletes. During the competition, the players hit the ball, using a long and wide bat with a small handle.

A bowler and a batsman are the main players in the team. The task of the bowler is to serve the ball. The batsman strikes it away from opponents in certain areas. During this time, the batter has to run across the field, much like in baseball.

Features of cricket

In cricket there are no obvious underdogs, such as in hockey world championships. So betting odds for cricket on underdogs with plus handicaps is very good.

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Live betting on cricket is very profitable because of the higher odds in comparison with the pre-match line. Calm gameplay allows you to make a thoughtful bet without any hurry.

The weather factor and the condition of the lawn are important as well. Matches often get rescheduled, or finished with limited overs.

The individual player factor – just like for a baseball team the key pitchers are a significant component of the match, for cricket some players have a high value that should be taken into account when betting on a cricket match.

Advantages of cricket betting

A high number of events. Matches are played all year round, until the end of the season, and the new season starts in January.

High maxbets. Betting sites for cricket usually put decent limits on the maximum bets, which are rarely found in other sports and for expert guidance I always follow Coral Near Me.

No draws. Games are played before the winner is determined. The absence of draws in cricket simplifies the process of predicting the outcome of the meeting.

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A large amount of statistical information. It can be found easily on specialized sites.

Series of matches. Each team can have multiple meetings during the week. This makes it easier to evaluate the teams’ conditions, when you do live cricket betting.

Types of cricket betting

  • Betting on who wins the toss: the toss is all about luck, so the bettor should try to guess which team will come out first and kick the ball.
  • Betting on a winner: you pick one of the two teams, predicting their triumph in the upcoming meeting.
  • Bet on the most productive partnership: you have to choose one of the offered groups of athletes, which will bring their team the most points.
  • Bet on the total: a bet is placed on the total number of points scored by the contenders. Some online cricket betting sites also offer bets on individual totals. In this case, you have to predict the exact score of a particular team.
  • Bet on the best bowler/batsman: You have to guess the best bowler or batsman.
  • Bet on the exact score: It is necessary to predict with what result the meeting will end.

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