Pin Up Casino Aviator, Diverse Games and Bonuses: Beware of Gambling Addiction


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Whether online or offline – gambling is often based exclusively on fortune. Players who participate in pure gambling have no influence on the result – only luck decides here. For example, slot machines, lottery, scratch cards, and roulette can be mentioned here. Pin Up casino Aviator also attracts lots of gamblers. Is online gambling dangerous, and can it develop an addiction? Is real money gambling dangerous? Let’s find out.

Pure gambling vs. skill game: differences from Pin Up Casino Aviator

Pure gambling means being dependent on luck, while a skill game is a game that needs some skills and knowledge. Through correct behavior, it is possible to influence the result in games of chance with a dexterity factor. However, this influence can vary depending on the game. Some games make it possible to minimize losses through the “correct” playing style, while others achieve a positive profit expectation. As an example, in addition to sports betting, gambling online casinos in India offer games such as poker and blackjack and Pin Up Casino Aviator, which can also be mentioned here.

In the history of gambling, a distinction has not always been made between these two variants. There were epochs in which even typical games of skill were mistakenly referred to as gambling.

Gambling can be addictive: a warning for Indian residents from Pin Up Casino

In the brain, the reward system is activated when winning. It doesn’t matter whether you play online in an online casino in India or traditionally visit a land-based casino. Because the principle of the so-called “intermittent reinforcement” – which means that there can be a win at any time, but the player does not know when – there is the release of endorphins (the so-called happiness hormones).

This principle can quickly lead to gambling addiction. In such a case, it is no longer possible for the person concerned to control his gambling behavior, and often the entire assets are lost.

The operators of online casino and offline must ensure that underaged people do not have access to the game. Therefore, a verification of the player account is carried out in reputable online arcades. During this verification, the customer must send a copy of his ID to customer support.

In addition, the providers must place the note “Gambling can be addictive” visible on their homepage.

Is self-locking an effective remedy for Indian players against gambling addiction? The truth from Pin Up Casino Aviator experts

With sometimes more, sometimes less clearly visible clues, Indian casino online providers warn their customers of the dangers of gambling addiction. They offer several options for self-protection to support them, such as setting limits on deposits or losses and self-locking. This can last for several days, weeks, and months or even remain permanently. This is often done as part of therapy in order to limit damage in the event of relapse.

However, gambling is accessible to everyone online, so the effectiveness of self-blocking is decreasing sharply. In earlier times, the offer of local casinos was still limited; gambling for real money on the Internet was possible on numerous portals, and new providers were constantly being added. So if you want to play, you may find a provider with whom a self-block has not yet been set up. Therefore, the permanent availability of gambling on the Internet is a serious problem in the fight against gambling addiction.

All in all, the danger of developing gambling addiction is given both online and offline because the trigger for this is the winnings – and they are available both on the Internet and on the traditional slot machine. So, use any Indian online casino carefully: an online casino in India can give lots of pleasure, but don’t let it turn into an addiction. Casino Pin up Aviator offers lots of casino games you will like, so enjoy your gambling, but know your limits.


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