Role of Blockchain in Revolutionizing the Mobile App Industry


What started as a great buzz and a confusing technology, Blockchain slowly but steadily taken place in almost every domain. It is the technology that was basically meant for transactions in the initial days has mended its rules a bit in order to fit in every industry be it retail, stock, education, news, healthcare, banking, finance, real estate.

Role of Blockchain in revolutionizing the mobile app industry

Blockchain is an underlying technology that is making a great round of applause due to its immutability, automation, decentralization and smart contract characteristics. Due to its capability and expectational techniques, the technology is now being used by mobile app development companies for developing mobile applications.

Using a robust technology to aid situations like data theft and strengthening security parameters, Blockchain is becoming the most needed technology for mobile apps after platforms, technology stacks, etc.

Sensing the promising future of Blockchain, mobile app developers are developing apps with it in order to explore opportunities stored underneath.

Let’s check out how Blockchain is ruling the mobile app industry-

How Blockchain is Revolutionizing the Mobile App Industry

Before indulging in how Blockchain is revolutionizing the mobile app industry, it is a must to know the basics of Blockchain and its working.

Offering a Secure and Transparent Environment

Integrating Blockchain into a mobile application will let the transaction activity get tracked in such a way that it makes it easy for the users to follow the information. Users when getting access to follow the information can reduce the possibility of creating any kind of fake transactions.

Also, with a record in the Blockchain ledger, users can get easy access to development logs, updates notes, and the entirety of the app’s code. Furthermore, categorization and information storage can also be tracked, verified and secured.

Multiple Users Access

When it comes to security, Blockchain technology excels in the category. The technology allows for encryption which cannot be cracked without the permission that too given by the client-side administrator.

This much security can make the mobile app unhackable and all the personal information be it the data or financial transaction will never get leaked or going to the wrong hands.

Return on Investments

There is no denying that Blockchain is a profitable technology. It brings in reasonably high ROI. Also, as it does not require one to spend high sums of money as compared to other development methods or cloud platforms. Limiting the need for integrating this technology with the mobile app development process remain solely in the hands of mobile app developers.

Penetrating Remote Areas

Mobile phones are still easier to get as compared to figuring out the functional banks. There are underdeveloped areas where people do have smartphones but they lack access to bank accounts.

In such a situation, Blockchain technology will establish an online mobile wallet where coins and tokens can be store when required. The process will make users participate in transactions along with obtaining loans and transacting money without being charged extra as a service fee.

Systemization of Data

Due to the robust and resilient structure of Blockchain technology, it protects the system from potential theft, bugs crashes or collapse.

This happens due to the unique capability of Blockchain storing data in multiple blocks which makes the technology all the more reliable.

Advertising model

Not just for robustness and security purposes, Blockchain also gives improved form to the advertising model which can later be used by mobile app developers.

Earlier there were middlemen involved in cost-per-installment advertising campaigns but now the technology is ready to replace the cost-per-installment.

These are the few ways through which Blockchain is changing the whole app development industry. This time it is far better for identifying theft while protecting against cyber attacks too. Among other technologies, Blockchain is something that is making a great foundation for mobile applications.


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