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You might not be aware and your personal data gets in the wrong hands within fraction of seconds. That is why it is very significant to know to whom and where you are sharing the details of your personal information online. The craze and growing needs of technology can be seen among the people of every generation. But they are not known to the fact that this technology can also push them towards the victimization of cyber crimes. Many people share their personal data on websites which are unauthentic and thus get trapped in then problems automatically. That is why to reduce the level of such crimes general data protection regulations (GDPR) came into existence.

Interpages website follow General data protection regulation (GDPR) act wholeheartedly

According to this rule every website is supposed to aware its visitors about the type of personal information that is being shared to website owner by accepting privacy policy of the website. Interpages website which is endeavouring people to provide a lot of stuff and information regarding search engine optimization tips, education, business management tips, technology etc. follow this rule with great respect. Here you will find a complete idea about the types of personal information you are sharing with us while accepting to our privacy policies. Go through them are decide whether you are comfortable to share your data with us or not, if in case you have any level of discomfort with our privacy policies you can deny to accept them.

Type of personal data that you are sharing with Interpages by accepting its privacy policy

Whenever you visit our website that is interpages and accepting the privacy policy that mean your personal data like the device from which you are browsing our website and IP address etc. can be traced by us easily. Here is a complete list of the personal information that you are sharing with us.

  1. Your location can be tracked by us easily without any problem as you are sharing your location with us by accepting to our privacy policies.
  2. We can trace out your IP address without much effort.
  3. You are also allowing us to know about the type of device you are using to visit interpages website.
  4. If you have subscribed to the interpages that this is very sure that you have no problem in sharing your email address and other details like name with us.

For which purpose we collect this data from our visitors

If you are worried about the problem that why we are collecting this data from our visitors then take a sigh of relief because no utilization of this data is being done for any cyber crime. Here are some of the uses that we find with your personal details on our website, go through them and get relaxed to accept our privacy policies.

  1. The primary purpose for which your email address and mobile number is taken by us is for the email marketing by which we can advertise our business easily.
  2. To improve the level of our services we often go through a survey with our visitors by sending them personal newsletters.
  3. We try to enhance the positive side of interpages by collecting the response of the visitors with their behaviour analysis.
  4. Share this data to the other major business organizations which are reliable to help them in personal marketing of their business.

These are the major uses of the personal information collected from the visitors by interpages. Apart from it sometimes this data is shared with the large business organizations that need it to manage the growth of their business through marketing. Interpages never involved in the pursuit of sharing your important details to criminals and such anti social elements at any cost.

What if you do not want to share your personal details?

Under the extreme circumstances where you are not in comfort level to share your details with interpages you have the right to ignore our privacy policy. Until or unless you do not give a green signal to approach your data by accepting our privacy terms we cannot use it. There is a complete freedom to ignore the subscription for newsletters as well. But then you will not be updated about the important posts of the interpages website.

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