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Generally, the staircase or stairs remain neglected while designing a plan for your house. However, as per Vastu for home, staircases are the most vital part of your house, and great care should be taken to construct stairs as per Vastu principles.

Vastu shastra asserts that a staircase that fails to tailor the Vastu norms is risky on the informational front. A staircase crafted without the knowledge of Vastu shastra can lead to depression and frequent accidents or damages. Besides that, such staircases can give rise to loss of wealth and neurological issues. On the other hand, Vastu shastra compliant staircases can attract prosperity, positivity, and numerous health advantages.

7 Vastu Tips for Staircase

Take a look at these Vastu for house tips for your staircase:

1. Appropriate direction for constructing a staircase

If you are looking forward to building a staircase within your house, you should choose the south and west direction. According to Vastu, this can protect you from frequent damages or mental disorders. However, are you willing to construct a staircase in the exteriors of your house? If yes, here is the solution. You can choose the east or the Southeast direction. Besides that, the southwest direction is considered ideal for constructing external staircases.

Are you looking for an ideal and common direction for constructing your staircase?
The North or Northwest direction can serve as a common denominator. Thus, you can construct both your internal and external staircases in the North-Northwest direction.
Climbing instructions – the staircases must be constructed to climb it faces the west or south direction. It implies that the person climbing it should move from east to west or north to south. Consequently, the staircase must descend from the south direction to the north. Besides that, it should drop from the west to east directions.

If you are looking forward to complementing the staircase with doors, you can construct a door where the staircase begins. Similarly, you can add an entry where the staircase ends. To add a bright finish, you can paint the stairs with bright and soothing colors.

2. Which direction is suitable for a staircase clockwise or anti-clockwise?

As you go up, the direction of the stairs should always take a clockwise-turn. However, an anti-clockwise turn in your staircase can attract evils and negative energies. Avoid using dark and dull colors for painting your staircase, especially if they are constructed within your living room.

Meanwhile, the number of steps in your staircase must always be odd. To top off things, the number of steps rising in an upward direction should leave the remainder 2 when they are divided by 3. For instance, the odd numbers such as 5, 17, 11, and 19 steps are ideal for bringing good luck.

3. How can you ensure the optimum use of your staircase?

It would help if you only kept small things under your staircase to utilize the optimum space remaining under your staircase.

4. Which direction is prohibited as per Vastu, in terms of construction of stairs?

As per Vastu shastra, you should strictly avoid constructing a staircase in the Northeast direction. Regardless of your decision to build stairs internally or externally, the Northeast direction should be kept spacious.

Which direction is said to bring disastrous outcomes due to the presence of a staircase?

As per Vastu for home, constructing a staircase at the center of your living room or house (brahmasthan is considered highly dangerous). However, having a staircase at the center of your home can cause health problems and neurological disorders for its residents. However, by keeping the staircases at the side of your house, you can allow positive energies to flow within.

Furthermore, the staircase should not be constructed in the north and east directions. Additionally, a staircase should not be placed beside your pooja room. The steps of a staircase should not commence or end from any room. For instance, the steps should not start or complete from your kitchen, pooja room, and your bedroom. Always ensure that is enough space left beneath your staircase. For instance, you should avoid constructing a pooja room, bathroom, or kitchen under your staircase. However, you can use this space for building a storeroom.

As per some Vastu experts, the second digits of the staircase should never end in zeros. This principle can be easily maintained by sticking to an odd number of steps.

5. What do spiral staircases denote?

In terms of design, the spiral staircases are more likely to tempt you due to their elegant and contemporary finish. However, as per Vastu norms, the spiral staircases are like a corkscrew. In addition to this, the spiral staircases are said to be irregular and imbalanced. Thus, it can alter the energies similarly residing within your home.

6. As per Vastu, which are the perfect colors for staircases?

As per Vastu’s principles, the staircases should be painted in bright, calming, and light colors. You can also use colors like beige, shades, and pastel of sky blue, light grey, and brown. To block negative energies, you should avoid using dark colors like black and red.

What are the things you can keep underneath a staircase?

To put the space under the stairs, you can construct a well-organized area at the end of your staircase. You can craft pull-out racks and drawers. Consequently, you can use these drawers or shelves to organize shoes, sports and music equipment, and your jackets.

What is the accurate position for constructing doors around your house staircase?

Don’t construct the staircases so that the stairs are entirely visible to guests and outsiders. As such, if your staircases are altogether visible, they are known to act as a harbinger of inauspiciousness. To allow the constant flow of energies into your house, construct it within the house’s inner side.

You can construct the doors at the very end or very beginning of your home’s staircase. You should also ensure that the staircase doesn’t lean towards your house’s eastern and northern walls.

From the staircase’s perspective, the stairs shouldn’t be placed right in front of the threshold of your house. It is considered a complete imbalance and can attract numerous disorders in your mental and physical health. Nevertheless, the front space of your staircase can be positioned with numerous indoor plants.

At the top of the staircase, it is recommendable to construct a roof. However, the roof should slope only towards the east and north of the staircase’s top.

7. What are the ideal staircase designs as per Vastu shastra?

You should select linear staircases made up of wood. Nevertheless, you can choose metal staircases made up of iron, steel, and aluminum. However, you should avoid placing solid staircases made up of steel, sand, concrete, or rocks. Additionally, to avoid misfortunes, the broken steps should be repaired immediately as per Vastu for house. A staircase that encircles a building can lead to disastrous and adverse results.

You should always consult a Vastu expert before constructing staircases for your new or old home. A staircase’s location can lead to numerous benefits when it is aligned with the Vastu principles. Nevertheless, these Vastu tips can ensure good health and financial security for you and your family. You should avoid constructing a staircase against the procedures mentioned above.


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