Best Mobile Games to Quarantine


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Board games, action adventures, multiplayer challenges… Beat boredom on your smartphone with different titles aimed at all kinds of audiences and tastes

Best Mobile Games to Quarantine

The coronavirus crisis that Spain is experiencing has forced the State of Alarm to enact, by the Government of the nation. An exceptional situation in which citizens must remain confined to their homes and only go out to buy basic necessities or work, in those cases in which the professional activity cannot be carried out remotely.

Leisure, therefore, has been relegated to depending on everything at hand in the home. The mobile phone has become for many the perfect ally with which to distract oneself in those moments when there is nothing else to do. Social networks and streaming platforms are the most successful portals among users and the ones that spend the most time, but smartphones and tablets also offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in games for all kinds of audiences and tastes with which test our skills or knowledge.

The best games for iPhone and android for lovers of game consoles

Playing on mobile is not the same as playing on a PC or game console. The comfort of the controls, the screen size and even the interface are a big change for those users who are used to enjoying their leisure time in front of the television or computer monitor. However, there are different classic titles from those platforms that have been successfully adapted to new media and have captivated millions of players around the world.

Call of Duty is one of the proper names in the current video game industry. This first-person shooter franchise released a version for iPhone and Android that quickly became a download hit on both platforms. It is a multiplayer campaign, with maps known to fans of the saga, which features team matches, a ‘ battle royale ‘ against other players or its famous zombie mode.

Another of the essential titles to download is Minecraft. Explore an infinite world or build your own home in one of the most popular creative games on the market. Collect tons of materials to shape a desert map to your liking and face strange creatures in this mobile version of a game that has already become a classic for all ages.

Do you like racing? And the adventures of Mario? You are in luck! Mario Kart Tour is one of the great games for iPhone and android. The Italian plumber arrives at the wheel of his kart accompanied by Luigi, Princess Peach and the fearsome Bowser in an exciting competition that tests the user’s reflexes. If your interested in betting games the you can try Betway India enjoying betting online.

And if you are a lover of graphic adventures and eighties movies, your game is Stranger Things. This adventure based on the eponymous Netflix series challenges the player to solve the dangerous mystery of the “other world” in the enigmatic town of Hawkins. Join Eleven, Mike, Darryl and Sheriff Hopper in this title that will surely delight fans of the famous series.

Board games for mobile

Traditional games also have a prominent place on mobile platforms. The list of the best games for android is headed by a reference of family fun: Parcheesi. The quintessential childhood game is converted into an online version in which you can challenge other players on a multicolored battlefield where the die and the ability of each one decides the fate of the tokens we manage.

On the contrary, if what you prefer is to measure your knowledge, iPhone and Android Offer Asked Questions, a fun quiz-type challenge in which you can demonstrate alone, or against other users, your mastery of art, history, geography, science, show business or sports.

Another classic that cannot miss in any room (or on your mobile) is the One. This famous card game, which is among the best iPhone games (and with a version also for Android) pits the user against other players in the world in different multiplayer duels in which only one can remain.

As cherry on top, the classic among the classics could not be missing: Monopoly. Holding the Guinness World Record for the most played board game in the world, this title makes the leap to mobiles to make the user an expert in buying and selling and real estate. Challenge your family or other players and build hotels and houses in real cities on the planet.


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