15 Best Educational Blogs from Top Bloggers in 2021


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When it comes to finding useful information about education, we need to find out the best possible articles and blogs. The Internet is full of blogs and websites that speak only about education and career. Therefore, the question arises: How do we select the most reliable and accurate ones?

15 Best Educational Blogs from Top Bloggers in 2021

The answer is really simple. I would suggest that you read any of the 15 best educational blogs from top bloggers in 2021. Now you might ask: Where to find these 15 best educational blogs from top bloggers.

Don’t worry. In this article, I will be writing about these 15 top blogs with brief descriptions. That would allow you to narrow down your searches and find the ones that best suits your needs.

15 Best Educational Blogs from Top Bloggers

Now I will present you my curated list of 15 best educational blogs from topmost bloggers. While most of them are from the US, some are from foreign countries too. That’s because education and career are interlinked and universal.

Therefore, you might find this list very useful to find educational articles, courses and career guidance.


Surejob.in is one of the topmost blogs as far as education and career goes. This blog operates from India. However, I rank this among the topmost blogs because SureJob.in also caters to needs of foreign students, helps them find excellent educational courses in USA and elsewhere and provides a lot of career guidance.


Inside Higher Ed is all about education. It contains latest news and news reviews, trends in education, courses at various universities and colleges as well as resources about various careers available in America. This blog ranks among the topmost of its kind.


Edutopia serves as an excellent resource for both teachers as well as parents of students. This website has gained special importance nowadays due to online teaching which is now part of the new normal following the Covid-19 pandemic.


Thinginindia is an educational blog that is not only restricted to the educational world but to different subjects like technology, culture, software and competitive exams, etc. It provides knowledge in different domains through its articles. One can search educational as well as other informative topics such as online jobs from home, List of top most companies in india and can find many valuable articles to enhance their learning experience.


If you’re looking for educative articles written by diverse members of faculty at various colleges and universities, the Chronicle of Higher Education is a resource you just can’t afford to miss. They carry blogs and other content about colleges, universities and post graduate level higher education. You can find amazing articles on this blog. They also have a job board for teachers, lecturers, professors and other faculty.


This is a superb website if you’re planning on holding online classes for your students. Additionally, Educatorstechnology.com also provides students and their parents with news and blogs on latest technology for online learning, which has now become almost common thanks to the new normal in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Onlinejobsacademy.com is a relatively new website. However, it does have fabulous blogs about various courses that students in America can take. This blog also shows how students can utilize their spare time on gainful activities while providing career advice.

Ditch That Textbook

Ditch That Textbook is for all- students, their parents and educators. On this blog, you will find countless articles that promote the use of technology for learning. These blogs come from teachers and hence, they’re suitable for everyone. This is also one of the best educational blogs in America.


This blog comes from a former senior official at Microsoft. And it features lots of blogs written by topmost educators from around the world. That means, this blog has a global appeal. Dailyeduventors.com is suitable for students, parents and educators. The vast number of articles is sure to keep you busy.


As the name of this blog: Ed.gov suggests, this is a website owned and operated by the American government. This is one of the most reliable as well as topmost educational blogs in the world. Ed.gov contains lots of news about initiatives for education taken by the Federal government as well as blogs on latest trends in education and technology.


This blog from Harvard University is famous worldwide. In recent months, the university has been upgrading its blog to reach out to more followers around the world. The blog contains some very useful information about educational courses, technology and news in the field, all written by Harvard faculty and students. Don’t miss reading this blog.


If you’re a teacher who wishes to upgrade skills, visit this blog, Gettingsmart.com. Here you’ll find valuable articles and resources about what’s going on in the world of education. Additionally, students can also find some vital links on this blog that could help them in choosing an educational course or career.


Educationpost.org is run by a non-profit organization known as Bright Beam. This blog aims at empowering all students, from primary level to high school by providing them with guidance on learning at schools, colleges and universities. The blog is fun to read, easy to understand and specially aimed at students.


Edtechreview.in is also from India. However, it’s main focus is on education technology for educators and students. Though this blog originates in India, majority of the articles on the website are for American educators and students. This blog is also helpful for parents that wish to provide the best careers for their children.


This blog comes from Kasey Bell, an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and author of inspirational books. This blog contains all sorts of tips, tweaks and tricks for students and educators to make learning simpler and enjoyable. As student, parent or educator, you can access live videos, webinars and their recordings as well as podcasts from this top educational blog.

In Conclusion

As you can see from the above list, I’ve included all kinds of blogs that would cater to the widest audience around the world. You can read any or all of these blogs to sharpen your skills as an educator or find more about a course and career as student.



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