Low Water Pressure: Will You Need to Repipe Your Home?


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Low water pressure in your home can be a significant nuisance. Not only will your showers be far less satisfying, but your dishes and clothes also won’t get as clean, and simply filling the bathtub will take much longer. While low water pressure might occasionally occur due to too many water-using appliances running simultaneously, consistent water pressure issues in your home can indicate a bigger underlying problem. Keep reading to learn the possible causes of this and how to fix the issue.

Shutoff Valve Isn’t Fully Open

Did your water pressure issues start after you had to turn off the water to your home for a plumbing repair? Then it’s possible that the main shutoff valve didn’t fully reopen when you turned the water back on. Locate your main water shutoff. If it has a lever-style handle, ensure it is fully turned to align with the water pipe. If your valve has a wheel-style handle, turn it counterclockwise as far as you can until it doesn’t turn anymore; then, to prevent the valve from getting stuck, give it a clockwise quarter turn. This will keep the valve open and not impact your water pressure.

Malfunctioning Pressure Regulator

Not all homes use a pressure regulator, but if yours does, you should check that it’s fully operational. The pressure regulator is installed right next to the main shutoff valve, so you can check this while also checking that the valve is fully open. Check the setting on the regulator to ensure it’s set to roughly 50 psi; this pressure level should supply adequate water pressure while protecting your appliances from exceedingly high-pressure levels. If it’s lower than 50 psi, you can adjust it to see if that fixes your issues. If it’s already at 50 psi, consider having a plumber check the regulator and ensure it’s not malfunctioning.

Your Home’s Pipes Are Outdated

The plumbing in older homes often wasn’t designed to meet the water needs of modern families. Because of this, the pipes themselves may be too narrow to supply adequate water pressure to your home. If you have an older home, contact repipe specialists in Sacramento and have them inspect your plumbing. They should be able to tell you if repiping your home will provide you with better water pressure and a more reliable water supply.


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