What Should You Do If Faced with DMV License Suspension?


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The intersections in San Diego are dangerous, where accidents happen frequently. According to 2016 accident data, around 21,534 car accidents were recorded in San Diego County, which was a 5% increase compared to the previous year. If you commit certain legal or traffic offenses, the Department of Motor Vehicles can suspend your driving license.

What Should You Do If Faced with DMV License Suspension

If your DMV license is suspended, you can no longer drive a vehicle. In that scenario, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer in San Diego who can help you reinstate your driving license. Here are different ways in which an attorney can help you.

Find the Reason for DMV License Suspension

According to the latest data, the California state has around 27,305,220 licensed drivers, including 820,212 teen drivers. Many times the Department of Motor Vehicles does not provide any reasons for suspending your DMV license. A driving license can be suspended for several reasons, like – unpaid court debt.

If you have any unpaid court debt, the DMV can suspend your license. Your personal injury lawyer San Diego can submit a written application to the DMV asking for the reason behind the DMV license suspension. If the DMV license is suspended for non-payment of court debt, the attorney will guide you through clearing court debt and getting your DMV license reinstated.

Confusion Between DMV License Suspension and DMV License Revocation

There is a lot of confusion between DMV license suspension and DMV license revocation, and the reinstatement process for both offenses is different. According to a personal injury attorney, the DMV license suspension deprives you of driving privilege for a short period. On the other hand, a license revocation demands that your driving privileges will be permanently deprived.

The personal injury lawyer is aware of the process of reinstating a suspended DMV license. The attorney will guide you through the process, which includes help with the documentation and enrolling for defensive driving classes, which are needed to reinstate your DMV license.

Failure to Respond to the Notice Sent by DMV

The Department of Motor Vehicles iis bound to send a notice to the registered address for any traffic or parking violations. According to California State laws, you are required to pay a fine of $112.30 for the unpaid parking violation. The DMV sends notices to car owners for parking violations at their registered address.

If you have shifted to a new residence, you must update your address registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. People are often unaware of the DMV license suspension and continue to drive their car, which is considered against the DMV laws.

The attorney will apply to the court and prove that you were neither aware of the notice nor the DMV license suspension. The lawyer will ensure you are required to pay minimal fees for reinstatement of the license.

To sum up, you need an active driving license to drive your car in San Diego. If your license is suspended and you meet an accident, the opposite party might use the DMV suspension against you to prove you guilty. The personal injury attorney is aware of the San Diego traffic laws and helps in speedy reinstatement of your driving privileges.


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