5 Facts About Arizona You Probably Didn’t Know


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Arizona is nicknamed and often called The Grand Canyon state which is suitable considering the said canyon is located on its territory. But did you know that its official name probably comes from Astec words that mean silver-bearing?

5 Facts About Arizona You Probably Didnt Know

If you like that information, keep reading because this state has facts about it as unique as its nature. Unfortunately, not many people know them so let’s try to change that.

State of Sunshine

Florida is known nationwide and worldwide as the Sunshine state. And we already know what Arizona is called. But, Arizona could easily steal Florida’s nickname because the sunniest place on Earth – Yuma – is in Arizona, not in Florida. We guess they didn’t want to be selfish and carry two titles thus leaving Florida empty-handed.

Grand Canyon Facts

The most popular symbol of the whole state, the Grand Canyon, is one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World. What will probably surprise you is the fact it’s the only wonder located in the States.

Additionally to this fun fact, you should know that while the park is the home of many fossils that helps us learn a lot about the past of our planet and its species, this is not a place with traces of dinosaurs. That’s because the Grand Canyon is older than these reptiles.

Sonoran Desert Facts

The Sonoran desert is located in the southern third of Arizona. But in the same manner as so many things in Arizona, it’s not your regular everyday desert. In fact, it’s the wettest desert in the world. Ask the Guinness World Records if you don’t believe us. This is because rainfall is between 4.7 and 11.8 inches annually, a really high amount for a desert.

Of course, this isn’t the only interesting thing about Sonora. It’s also the home to the saguaro cactus. And while the plant is easily recognizable by people all over the world, it actually only grows here. You probably know them, it’s the tall cactus that looks like is saying hi to you with two arms.

Phoenix fact

Phoenix is the state’s capital and the biggest city. Somewhat logically, it’s in the biggest county too, Maricopa county. It’s home to the best events and shops, including a vintage jewelry store, restaurants, theaters, etc.

You’ve probably heard of this before. But did you know that in 1997 there were sightings of a UFO? These were reported by everyone in the city, so it doesn’t seem like a result of one person’s imagination. But what really happened, we still don’t know, The Truth is Out There.

London Bridge but make it Arizona

It’s not such a widely known fact, but still many people know that there is a London Bridge in Arizona too. It’s located in Lake Havasu City.

What might be considered a mind blowing fact is that this bridge is the actual original one. It’s not just a bridge with the same name as the one in the UK. London Bridge was moved to Arizona in the ‘60s because it wasn’t suitable enough for London’s traffic any more. The granite blocks were cut and transported to the USA to be reassembled there, while London got itself a new bridge.

To conclude

Arizona is certainly a place that doesn’t disappoint its visitors. Nor the people living there, since it’s said to be one of the best places to live in the USA. We hope these 5 interesting pieces of information about the state will make your visit or life there more interesting.


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