5 Futuristic Accessories For A Smart Home


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People usually tend to try and keep up with different trends from various industries like fashion, furniture, interior decor, make-up, automotive and even technology trends. Technology trends are perhaps the fastest-changing ones across the globe, as every advancement leads to another.

5 Futuristic Accessories For A Smart Home

Technology is present across industries from clothes manufacturing in fashion to Smart Homes in interior decor. Smart Homes are a popular concept in Australia, with over 2.3 million Aussi Smart Homes and counting. Smart Homes are the next step in the residential evolution, with more people opting to upgrade at least one part of their homes.

Home upgrades in Australia range from cybersecurity locks to home theatre installation in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and other major cities. While completely upgrading a home can require high budgets, people can start with upgrades one by one.

Upgrading Aussie Homes With Futuristic Accessories

Smart Home innovations are available for all parts of a home, from self-flushing toilets to automatic mood lighting. There are several companies dedicated to upgrading homes into Smart Homes, and they usually offer the following services,

Smart Lighting

One of the most popular smart home upgrades is mood lighting. Several levels of lighting packages exist, ranging from colour-changing lights to gesture-control lights. People can opt for any lighting package and spruce up the vibe of their homes.

Colour-changing lights set the perfect ambience for a party, while soft and warm lights can induce a more mellow vibe. Smart Home Lights also comes with an all-in-one option, where people can change the lighting of a room as they wish with an app, a voice command, or a gesture.

Smart Security

Another popular smart home installation is cybersecurity features. Cybersecurity may have a bad rep online, but it effectively protects a home from malicious entities. Smart Security products come in a vast range, from digital locks, biometric scanners to AI CCTV cameras and app-controlled Smart locks.

Smart Security products provide optimum safety by allowing the user complete control over their house’s security. People can monitor the installed cameras in the house on an application on their phone. They can also enable a 2-step phone-based and manual locking system. This system allows them to ensure only people they know can enter the premises.

Smart Cleaning

One of the most tiresome tasks is maintaining a house in pristine condition, as various elements require different maintenance routines and equipment. As a result, the Smart Cleaning industry faces a lot of pressure, as more people demand affordable products that can reduce the burden of maintaining a home.

The introduction of the “Roomba” took the world by storm, as it provided a means to ensure less dirt and debris inside the house. Since then, various modifications on the Roomba bring it to its present form, which also has “Alexa”, “Siri”, and “Google Home” connectivity.

Smart Bathrooms

The Smart Bathroom is here to take the smart home innovation industry by storm; this industry provides a versatile range of features for all bathroom utilities. Sanitation is the primary concern for Smart Commodes and sinks, and Smart Toilets allow for hands-free usage, minimising exposure to germs. The Smart Bath features include showerheads or panels with various water-outlet and temperature control features.

Smart Entertainment

The Smart Home Entertainment innovations sector probably sees the most advancements. In Australia, Smart Home Entertainment systems have the most advanced features like audio automation, multi-room lighting and audio, home theatre systems and even starry night sky projectors. The Smart Home Entertainment sector contributes a sizable amount to the 1.6 billion AUD Smart Home innovations industry. With people requesting packages like a home theatre installation in Brisbane or music-based lighting in Melbourne, this service has constant demand.


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