5 Easy Ways to Boost Your New Home’s Security


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Moving into a new home is an exciting milestone in life. While you settle in and make a house your home, security is likely the last thing on your mind. However, it’s important not to overlook protection for your property, belongings and loved ones. Implementing a few practical, affordable measures can make a big difference in keeping your new home safe and secure. Here are five easy ways to give your new home a security boost.

easy ways to boost your new home security

Add External Lighting

Outdoor motion sensor lights are inexpensive to buy and install, yet they are highly effective deterrents. Illuminating the perimeter of your property draws attention to any suspicious activity and removes concealment opportunities. Position security lights covering driveways and pathways leading to entrances.

Install a Monitored Alarm System

For reliable around-the-clock monitoring, speak to a professional home security company about installing a burglar alarm system. Though pricier than other physical security measures, a properly functioning alarm provides 24/7 protection by instantly alerting both you and emergency responders if an intrusion is detected. Choose a system offering door and window sensors, motion detectors, audible alarms to scare off intruders and mobile app controls for convenience. Most burglars will think twice before targeting a property with a monitored alarm system due to the high risk of getting caught.

Improve Your Front Door Security

One of the easiest security measures is simply changing the locks on all exterior doors. This prevents previous owners or anyone who had a key from gaining entry. Install robust, British Standard multi-point locks ideally in a high-security material like hardened steel for maximum protection. For professional advice, the expert locksmiths at Curley Locks Locksmiths can provide guidance on selecting suitable locks to create a highly secure front entrance without compromising appearance or convenience.

You can also consider additional devices like metal door reinforcement security screens and heavy-duty screen doors, as an extra layer of security. Consulting with a knowledgeable Cardiff locksmith service ensures correct installation and operation.

Use Security Cameras

Video cameras provide another effective layer of exterior security. Capturing clear images during both daytime and night, cameras can help identify intruders or be used as evidence by police should a burglary occur. Wired systems provide more reliable connectivity but wireless cameras with cloud storage offer more flexibility during installation.

Join the Neighbourhood Watch

Another great way to boost security is to join your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme. By registering with Neighbourhood Watch, you’ll join a community working together to prevent crime at the grassroots level. Benefits include receiving local crime alerts and prevention advice from police, as well as fostering a culture of neighbours looking out for one another. Schemes organise community events and activities so you can get to know those living close by and collaborate on keeping the area safe.

Implementing all or any combination of these security boosters can significantly reduce your home’s vulnerability to burglary. Stay vigilant and always report suspicious behaviour around properties immediately to the police. Let’s work together to create safer communities across the country.


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