7 Ingenious and Stylish Ways to Spice up Your Bedroom Decor


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A bedroom is a very personal space that reflects our persona. Therefore, everyone needs to upgrade the elements a little to spice up the bedroom. It must be a relaxing and positive area with no dullness.


There are so many clever and original ways to spice up your bedroom, with minor alterations here and there. The change makes you feel fresh and happy.

Let’s have a look at some ingenious and stylish ways to spice up your bedroom decor.

Section it off

Have a good look at your bedroom. Observe the objects which you no longer need and what all you have to add. Then, shift things to create a tidy bed, study area, cozy corner, and dressing area.

A Rich Color Accent Wall

A very safe way to give a refreshing look to your bedroom is to create an accent wall. You can paint this wall with different colors than the rest of the wall.

For example, you can choose deep red or warm blue, depending on your choice. The color of the rest of the walls can be subtle to maintain a balance. A new color instantly adds a fresh look to the room.

Makeover to the Floor

The floor needs attention too. Wooden paneling on the bottom looks very warm or ceramic tiles with wooden texture. If you want to save time and go with your usual floor, make sure your carpet or lay large area rugs.

Carpeting and area rugs look very bright and feel comfortable on the feet. You can place a mat under the bed or on the sides. Moroccan prints or bohemian prints look very trendy.

Gorgeous Canvas Display


A bedroom without wall arts is a big no. Instead, you can opt for a sizable canvas or multiple smaller frames. You can hang various frames over the bed wall or the left or right wall of the bed.

A large landscape over the bed wall also looks impressive. In addition, the range of canvas prints is immense and so premium.

Create Warmth With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the best ways to add charm to your room. Removable wallpapers with a premium finish are easy to apply and make a standard space look gorgeous.

In addition, you can install wallpaper on a single wall to make it an accent wall. Also, you can install it all over with beautiful minimal patterns and colors to create a striking look.

Don’t Overlook the Ceiling.

While lying on the bed, you don’t want to stare at a flat roof. So you can fake exposed beams with wooden beams or wallpaper your roof. False ceiling in the wooden finish also looks very stylish.

Add Elements of Nature

You can quickly level up the decor by introducing some house plants in the bedroom in beautiful pots.

You can place large pots on empty corners, hang pots on the wall, or keep them on floating shelves. Indoor plants are easy to maintain; they are great air purifiers and shower positivity in your bedroom.

Highlight a Cozy Nook

You can bring an extra couch, sofa, or comfortable chair to create a seating area. Then, decorate it with tapestry wall hangings and cute accessories. This spot can be your favorite evening coffee spot.

Line up few Favorite Memories

A bedroom is a particular space, so hang some canvas prints of your favorite family and friends moments. It will let you appreciate your bonds and look very nostalgic. You can hang them over your study area or a cozy seating area.

A Full-Length Mirror

On the edge of the wall, you can install a full-length mirror. The shining mirror is a trending decor element. Pair it with shelves, plants, and lights. You can also create a vanity with an oval mirror, a table, and an authentic table.

Modular Shelves

Modular shelves look incredible; they can be bought online and offline or made by a local carpenter: place plants, vases, and photos on them.

The Perfect Lights


Bedside sconces are again coming back because of their classic touch. You can go for traditional sconces on either side of the bed and hang a frame in between.

You can also lace lampshades on the bedside tables. The hanging light over the seating area will look amazing. Apart from decorative lights, ensure a well-illuminated room so that the decor highlights itself.

Let’s Wrap it

There are so many excellent ways in which you can spice up your bedroom. Some shifting, bring some chic elements, make it comfortable, and you will enjoy your time even more here.

You must de-clutter the things to make a balanced look that is stylish and very cozy. Pick your favorite ideas from here and start revamping your room. You and everyone will be surprised by the change, and change is what everyone deserves.


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