7 Modern Kitchen Designs within your Budget


When you decide to design your kitchen, the process can seem stressful at the beginning. This is especially true if you are working on a budget. However, the process of designing your kitchen should not be difficult. Kitchen renovations Brisbane are readily available to make the process convenient for you. Otherwise, you can choose to develop the spaces in your kitchen in stages. For instance, you can install lighting after the countertops have been installed. Shopping for the upgrades on your own will also help you save some money. Hence, here are some ideas you can use to design your modern kitchen.

7 Modern Kitchen Designs within your Budget

1. Painting the Cabinets

You can start to change the design of your kitchen by painting your cabinets. Painting is fun and easy. Choosing a color, on the other hand, can be challenging. Unlike the usual choice of white color, modern kitchen styles are adopting darker colors. To break up all the white in your kitchen, you can use a variety of colors or wood stain colors. When you mix finishes, your kitchen will have a needed accent piece with an added pop of color. The best colors for this design are blue and green. Alternatively, you can choose the upcoming dark jewel tones of color. These colors include emerald green, black, plum and navy. The dark cabinet colors will work in the kitchen well while giving your kitchen space a luxurious and a dramatic feel. Dark colors have an added feeling of elegance that other colors lack. However, ensure that the color does not overpower the room.

2. Backsplash

The price that you spend on a backsplash will depend on the size of your kitchen as well as the material you choose. Usually, the most obvious choice is a subway tile because they are affordable and classic. To make them more modern, all you have to do is add a dark grey grout and choose more massive slabs of tiles. These tiles also have various patterns and textures. Thus, there are many other varieties of color that you can select. All you have to do is make a choice depending on your personal preference and the different colors you have chosen for your kitchen. To be more creative in your design, add a pop of color. However, for a more classic look, you can settle for neutral patterns such as natural texture.

3. Kitchen Island

You can create an impact with the kitchen island you choose. Thus, the design should be one that makes a statement. You can change the design of your kitchen island by adding trim, adding new bar-stools, painting, and replacing the countertop. All these are options that are not expensive. The most modern trend that is emerging is the use of a single level larger sizing. This is because it serves multiple purposes. Make a large kitchen island and include storage solution cabinets. You can also fit different under-counter appliances. The bar-stools will serve as seating spaces when you are having casual dinners or drinking from the kitchen bar. If your home has an open plan design and you are feeling adventurous, you can extend the kitchen island into the living room space. This modern look makes sure that your island has many functions without cluttering any kitchen space.

4. Upgrade the Faucets

Kitchen faucets are used every day. Hence, making sure that you love them is essential. There are many good deals online for quality faucets. Therefore, you can choose a piece that has an excellent function and form. Technology is another factor that you can consider when selecting the design of your faucet. It is possible to have a kitchen that has integrated technology into every function and appliance. Hence, for your modern smart kitchen, you can opt for an intelligent faucet. The motion Sense-equipped kitchen faucets are easy to add in your kitchen. Their sensors can sense the presence of the hands underneath. Thus, water will come on automatically. You can also choose a smart faucet that has a one-touch feature. The advantage of using this modern device in your kitchen is that it reduces contamination.

5. Lighting

Lighting is easy to install. However, choosing a design that will not require replacement every year is also crucial. Modern kitchen designs are now leaning towards natural light because they are clean and their style is simple. Another contemporary design is the use of technology in lighting. If you want a smart kitchen, upgrading your lighting system to a more technology-based one is the best option. This system will allow you to control all the lights in your house using your smartphone or tablet. Therefore, you do not need the on and off button on your wall with this new technology. Another modern lighting system that you can consider is the use of statement lighting. Statement lighting uses pendant lighting, oil-rubbed bronze track lighting, and glass globes to add style to your kitchen.

6. Affordable Countertops

If your countertops are of good quality, then you don’t have to replace them. Butcher blocks are an affordable choice for countertops. They also look good. However, the quartz is the best choice for a high-end kitchen countertop. The material of quartz is extremely hard; thus, it lasts for an extended period. This material is also anti-microbial and is easy to maintain. Today, quartz manufacturers are using technology to produce a variety of colors and realistic stone patterns. Your quartz can even have an elegant finish with swirls and large veining giving it the look of natural stone. If what you want is to be trendier, you can pick softer and more neutral colors such as cream, grey, white or taupe finishes.

7. Hardware

Your kitchen hardware is very significant since it adds to the appeal of your kitchen design. A euro style bar is a very affordable hardware. However, you can save up some money and spend it on high end pulls. For instance, restoration hardware pulls make a massive visual as well as a physical impact in the overall kitchen space.


Use these affordable trends to renovate or construct your kitchen this year and combine functionality and aesthetics into your ultimate kitchen space.


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