A Complete Guide to Building a Gaming PC


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If you are a gaming addict, you’re certainly not alone and as 5G is about to be rolled out, we can expect 10x speeds, which makes the gaming experience instant. Of course, it’s all about the hardware in your computer and with that in mind, here is a complete, easy-to-understand guide on the components you’ll need to build your pc.

A Complete Guide to Building a Gaming PC

The Mainboard

Sometimes called the ‘motherboard’ this is a large PCB with many slots and sockets, with wiring and all kinds of tiny devices; the mainboard hosts the following:

  • The central processing unit (CPU), which sits on a sink with heat resistant paste applied.
  • The graphics card – A long socket that slots into the mainboard.
  • The RAM chips – 2x 16Gb DDR4 RAM chips would be perfect.
  • The sound card – Some mainboards have on-board sound.
  • Solid state drives – Optical drives are a thing of the past.
  • Ethernet adapter – Essential for the Internet.
  • Power supply – 600W is ideal.

These components would be fixed to the gaming mainboard, which in turn is screwed into the CPU casing, with multi-cooling fans, as heat dispersion is critical.

Where to Buy Computer Parts?

The best place to find top brands is the online IT hardware supplier; a Google search will take you to a leading Thai computer parts supplier, but you are advised to do some research before buying the components, as not all are 100% compatible. Read the online reviews in the computer magazines and compile a list of components that you know work well together, then run that by one of the PC gurus in the forums and see what they have to say. Click here for an article on how the gaming industry merges with digital marketing.

YouTube Videos

You will be pleased to learn that the connectors are such that you can’t really make a mistake and there are lots of YouTube videos on how to build a gaming PC. Make sure you have the tools you need and some open space to work, the dining table is perfect and have your laptop open with the tutorial video playing and you can’t go wrong. Double check all connections and follow the component instructions and work slowly but methodically, making sure all is as it should be. The big moment is after you connect the power supply and insert all the peripherals; then you are ready to boot up the machine and install the OS.


The heart of the computer, the CPU market is dominated by two corporations, Intel and AMD, both offer state of the art chips that are suitable for gaming. Opt for the hi-end core i9 Intel or the AMD equivalent if you want the best performance. This will be the most expensive piece of kit but it is money well spent and whether Intel or AMD, you are sure of great performance.

Seeking professional’s views and exposure

It is true that building a gaming computer is not an easy deal and one might not be aware of minor technical barriers across the journey. That is why seeking professional views and exposure can help you to sail through in such scenario. For example you can take advice for things like custom built pc Brisbane, advice for building gaming PC in different parts of the world also. This will reduce your efforts and enhance accuracy of your gaming PC as well.

The Consumer International news has many articles about the e-commerce sector, which might be of interest if you run an e-store. Building your own gaming PC is not only easy, it’s also a lot of fun and the skills you learn will be with you for the rest of your life.


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