Get Your Customer’s Attention With Video!


The art of marketing has evolved over time, from carnival barkers enticing people to come to view the show, to people on the street corner wearing placards flogging their employer’s wares, to flashy newspaper ads, then radio spots, then finally television commercials, all with the same basic message- our product is the best, come and buy it! Television was where we caught the first glimpse of the future, it was the birthplace of the videos that we now view on the world’s latest big marketing platform, the Internet. One recent survey stated that 60% of adult Australians view digital video content on their smartphones, and 58% viewed videos on smart TV sets- that’s a huge number of potential customers that are being reached!

It’s a well-known fact that video sells, and it sells well. Any business serious about competing in today’s global market knows they need to have video promotions, it’s simply a must. Fortunately, the process has become much easier thanks to professional video production services from an animation studio like Visual Domain, their crack creative team is inspired to help businesses create unique video content designed to catch the attention of millions of viewers, thus driving up profits by huge margins. Video reigns supreme as the best possible venue to bring services and goods into the spotlight!

If anyone isn’t convinced yet, here are just a few of the advantages video marketing offers businesses that want to grow their visibility and engage customers quickly:

  • Video Influences Purchase Decisions – All through history, consumers have relied on visuals when deciding on the products or services they will buy. They are much more likely to remember information viewed in video format than static images or text.
  • Video Teaches Consumers – Videos can be used to demonstrate exactly how a product or service works before potential customers decide to buy, helping them make informed decisions about the product’s uses and value.
  • Increases Web Traffic – The search algorithms used by major search engines like Google and YouTube, and platforms such as the social media site formerly known as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, are all attracted to videos. Associating videos with the right keywords can greatly increase the amount of traffic a website will receive as viewers search for content relevant to their interests, and traffic means more customers looking at what that site has to offer.

Get your business’s marketing campaign under the spotlight with videos!


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