How Volatility Impacts Cryptocurrency?


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Cryptocurrency is highly popular among market influencers and potential investors. It’s a digital currency that functions on a decentralized platform. The reason why crypto is so sought-after is it offers high profits. Only such investors can earn high returns from the crypto market, which understands its highly volatile nature. And you can go for crypto trading and investment by logging into

If you are into Cryptocurrency, you must be well aware of the unforeseen price fluctuations the crypto market brings. In this article, we shall discuss some fundamental factors that result in cryptocurrency volatility. Let’s begin!

Define Volatility in Cryptocurrency

The magnitude of fluctuation in the price of an economic asset over a prolonged period is called Volatility. When we define Volatility in Cryptocurrency, it is the sudden and significant variation in the market price of several virtual coins, like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, etc.

Volatility and the Market Sentiment

What is market sentiment? Well, it is the undivided state of mind of active investors in the crypto market. You must know that the impression of the investors has a significant impact on the Volatility of Cryptocurrency.

With the optimistic mindset of crypto investors, the prices of several virtual currencies can surge higher. So, a positive market sentiment hints at a bullish market. In contrast, a negative sentiment, including inflated regulatory analysis or security breaches, indicates a bearish market.

Market sentiment is subjective and depends on innumerable factors. These factors include transformation in regulatory policies, live news about crypto coins, media coverage, and promoting or demoting new technologies.

Cryptocurrency Volatile Nature & the Market Speculation

Market speculation means managing a financial transaction at risk of losing value. But, this process also enfolds chances of significant gain. Market speculation is one of the primary reasons why the crypto market is so volatile.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual asset that’s subject to speculation. The rate at which crypto’s price rises or falls largely depends on market manipulation. For example – when a market speculator invests a considerable amount in purchasing a broad quantity of a cryptocurrency, its price goes high automatically.

The speculative movement in the crypto market results in moderate and rapid fluctuations in the price of a cryptocurrency. And so this has a significant impact on crypto’s Volatility. You can understand this by a quick reference – suppose there is a sudden loss of speculative capital, resulting in a sudden fall in the crypto price.

Contribution of Liquidity in Volatility

In financial markets, liquidity can be defined as how quickly an investment gets sold without affecting its price. And when we refer to the crypto market, liquidity is the ease with which an asset is thrown into the process of transactions. Whenever liquidity is insufficient in Cryptocurrency, it results in Volatility.

Liquidity works as such – the greater the liquidity of an investment, the more rapidly it gets sold. And the lesser the liquidity of a crypto asset, the more time it takes to get sold in the market. Let’s understand this with an example; a minimum decrease in buying demand for a cryptocurrency with high liquidity necessitates the price to fall rapidly and vice versa.

The Impact of Regulation on Volatility

Regulation is yet another element that affects the Volatility of Cryptocurrency. Since the crypto market is public and shared, it is prone to increased risk of Volatility and decreased investor confidence in various assets.

Let’s try to understand the regulatory factor with the help of an example. Over the past few weeks, China witnessed a crackdown on BTC and other leading cryptocurrencies. This fall down resulted in an indicative decline in the price of Bitcoin.

How Does the Volatility Impact Crypto Investors?

Now, you know the basic factors that lead to cryptocurrency volatility. You must be eager to learn how volatility effect crypto investors. When the Cryptocurrency’s Volatility is high, it has several consequences, especially for investors.

For such investors who can predict the next big move of the crypto coins, they are prone to earn significant profits. But the inverse is also true. For example, an investor who can’t manage the risks associated with the crypto market has to face rapid losses because of price fluctuations.


By now, you must have understood that Cryptocurrency is ‘highly volatile.’ This virtual asset largely depends on rapid price fluctuations. Also, the subject, i.e., Volatility, is highly significant for investors.

So, learning about Volatility – like swift price movements – will only help investors preside over the risks. And such investors can always prepare specific risk management strategies to be successful in the crypto market. Anyone can trade cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin smart.


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