Is Dogecoin Dead, or is there a Comeback in 2023


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The crypto market is highly volatile. Due to this, many crypto investors, including Dogecoin holders, are concerned about the coin’s performance. Moreover, the bearish twist in the crypto market has raised several concerns about whether Dogecoin will be dead or will its comeback in 2023. Read more the guidance Pros and Cons Crypto.

In this article, we shall see whether or not 2023 is an optimistic year for the famous meme coin – Dogecoin. Let’s get started!

Dogecoin Making an Attempt to Recover

Dogecoin price witnessed a strike in 2022. Since then, there’s a question of whether we can expect Dogecoin’s comeback in 2023. Well, it won’t be wrong to say that DOGE still secures an august market capitalization. So, DOGE is not entirely dead.

Several investors and traders enjoyed making a considerable profit via investing in this meme coin. It was when the price of DOGE was reasonable. But one can’t ignore that the coin went significantly down in 2022. Dogecoin, being partially defunct, there are several alternatives for investors to invest in. For crypto trading and investment log onto Bitcoin smart

Three Most Hyped Crypto Coins – Alternative for Dogecoin

2022 was a challenging year for the crypto market. It won’t be wrong to comment that the last year was the most difficult for the crypto industry and enthusiasts. With the Dogecoin crash, meme coin investors began looking for an alternative.

DOGE is still on an entire course to recovery after the recent downtrend and price crash. Let’s review the top 3 cryptocurrencies one can invest in as a substitute for Dogecoin.

1. Fight Out – An Emerging Cryptocurrency Project of 2023

At present, Fight Out is in its presale phase. It is an M2E fitness app and gym chain that monetizes the fitness lifestyle. Active users of the Fight Out app get guidance and flexibility in all exercise and workout routines. Users who can complete their workouts and are challenged by this app are rewarded.

Fight Out is an emerging crypto token project that comprises the move-to-earn (M2E) concept. M2E is where users get rewarded with a badge for moving. One can buy $FGHT – the native token over the fight-out platform through a 25% discount. Moreover, you are also free to invest without a vesting period.

2. C+Charge – The Strong Crypto of 2023

C+Charge is yet another notable new crypto project coming into the limelight. With C+ Charge, electric vehicle owners can make affordable and hassle-free payments via cryptocurrency. The platform is set as a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment gateway. You can trade for the native token, i.e., $CCHG, for making transactions via its app.

Users active on C+Charge can enjoy the privilege of individual electronic wallets. And if you ask, how is it a privilege to have E-wallets? These wallets can be used to pay the charge at charging stations worldwide. Also, this crypto project targets to offer real-world utility with a real-life use case. So, it will very soon activate a network that will cut down carbon emissions and protect the environment from adverse effects.

3. RobotEra – The Blockchain-Based Project in The Metaverse

RobotEra is a newly created blockchain-based project. The main aim of RobotEra is to build a brand name in the metaverse world that will govern the Ethereum network. TARO is its primary crypto. All investors who have invested in TARO can purchase lands, own non-fungible tokens (NFT), and participate in economic activities.

In the RobotEra metaverse, you can purchase virtual real estate. It offers a play-to-earn experience. Players can come and play games like creation, mining, exploration, and battle. Winners can earn benefits by selling NFTs, advertising, and staking tokens.

Will Dogecoin Comeback in 2023?

The price of Dogecoin suffered a downfall in 2022. Nevertheless, DOGE still bids an impressive market capitalization. Henceforth, traders and investors can be optimistic about DOGE coming back in 2023.

Comparing DOGE with BTC, we find that Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency. Why? Because Dogecoin offers only a use case if it is a faster payment network. And in comparison to this, Bitcoin is a scarce and valuable cryptocurrency.

Well, one must recognize that there is still a smattering of merchants who accept Dogecoin for purchases. And hence, the meme coin is expected to remain viable in 2023.


In conclusion, DOGE will face huge competition in the coming bullish market. Thus, there’s no straightforward answer to whether or not Dogecoin will see another massive rally as lust like 2021. Let’s hope for the best and see if the meme coin stays in the crypto market for a long.


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