Tips For Getting The Best Deals On Car Insurance


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The sheer variability of prices can make searching for a good car insurance deal seem rather bewildering. Insurance companies take a great many factors into account when producing a quote. Here is a quick guide to some things you can use to your advantage when searching for a good deal.

Tips For Getting The Best Deals On Car Insurance

Keep A Good Credit Score

Improving your credit score will improve your insurance score dramatically. Credit scores can be improved by paying back loans, regularly meeting mortgage payments and keeping up with credit car repayments. Whatever you do, don’t take out a loan or credit card just to improve your credit score.

Get On The Phone

Don’t just trust the deals that you see on price comparison websites or company quote generators. If you actually get on the phone and talk to a real human being, you will discover that companies have a great deal more leeway on pricing than you might expect. Companies want to have you as a customer – and they will usually make some concessions if they think that you are going to take your business somewhere else. Talking to a real human being is a good idea.

Drive Safely

Companies like Root Insurance take your previous driving safety record into account when generating a quote. The safer you are as a driver, the cheaper your insurance will be. Safety-based savings increase over time. If you are an experienced, safe driver, then you should be getting the best rates. Many car insurance companies give discounts to drivers with proof of ‘no claims bonus’. This is proof that a driver has never had to claim on an insurance policy before. Ultimately, insurance companies want you to pay in, but they do not want to pay out themselves. Give them a good set of odds, and they will reward you with low prices.

Buy A Low Powered Car

The more horsepower a car has under the bonnet, the more expensive it will be to insure as a rule of thumb. According to recent research conducted by Forbes, modest family cars are the cheapest to insure in the USA. For high-performance cars like the latest Tesla, you will be paying a premium. It is also worth considering how much a car will cost to fix. The rarer and more expensive a car’s parts, the more insurance is going to cost. This is one of the reasons why expensive European sports cars are so incredibly dear to insure.

Keep Your Car Safe

If you can prove that your car is going to be stored in a safe and secure area, you will find that your insurance costs drop dramatically. Insurers naturally offer better deals to potential clients that are less likely to ever need the insurance that they are buying. Being able to prove that you have a garage or private car park available to you should do wonders for your insurance costs. Equally, if you can prove that you are going to park your car in a low crime area, you should be able to get a better deal.


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