What is the Different Between Proofreading and Editing


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Are you a student looking to improve your writing skills to improve your grades in assignments and exams? A student automatically becomes a writer due to the number of assignments assigned throughout the college life. However, it s not an easy task and there are multiple things which should be kept in mind while writing an assignment or a research paper. Usually, the student is provided with all the guidelines and strategies to follow when wring an assignment but still, some of them get confused along the way.

What is the Different Between Proofreading and Editing

Following is a small guide to follow when you are writing an assignment. These steps help the students to get good grades by impressing the teachers with high-quality work.

Understand the topic

First read the topic properly and understand it along with the given requirements. Topic and requirements could be really confusing; therefore, it is important to get a hold of it in the beginning only to smoothly write the paper later.

Gather information

After understanding the topic and the requirements, start collecting data. Data collection could consume more than expected time so you must make sure to keep a margin for it. Whether your research methodology is qualitative or quantitative, you must collect the data before starting to write. If you are planning to use online journals, then download all the PDF versions and also make a backup for all the data collected. Similarly, for surveys make sure to conduct it and collect the answers before writing.

Follow the standard structure

The standard paper structure is to start it with an introduction paragraph, then the body paragraphs; it could be three or five, depends on the word count and requirements, and then the conclusion paragraph. Do not forget to include thesis statement in the introduction paragraph and start each body paragraph with a topic statement.

Cite the information

Do not forget to cite all the information sources you have used in your work. Make a reference list in the end or reference it according to the mentioned format which is required by the teacher. It is important to cite all the sources in order to avoid plagiarism and ensure originality of the work.

Proofread and edit

After completing the writing procedure, make sure to proofread the document and edit wherever required. Proofreading is very important because otherwise, the assignment could have numerous errors which would not get fixed without proofreading.

What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

One of the major confusions faced by writers and students is the difference between proofreading and editing. The two of these tasks look quite similar to each other but have quite a lot of differences which should be understood by students in order to have clarity of mind for both; when you ask for professional Assignment-Tutor-UK help or when you are finalizing the work on your own. Following are the two concepts explained in detail too understand the differences clearly.

Process of editing

Editing is the process of making changes to the use of language and delivery of expression throughout in the document. Editing makes the document look perfect in quality with appropriate vocabulary used long with expressions delivered clearly and sharply. Editing enhances the readability of your work and gives an impression that English is the native language of the writer. Following are the qualities of editing.

  • The quality of the overall document is improved.
  • The usage of the language is improvised.
  • The expressions in the text are clear.
  • The inconsistencies and all the errors are properly removed.
  • The document which has been edited will have the maximum impact on the reader.

Process of proofreading

Proofreading is a less detailed version of editing, in proofreading; only the errors that are visible on the surface are improved. These errors include grammar, punctuation, spellings, and other minor typing issues. However, the information is not reviewed and therefore, not revised either. Following are the outcomes of proofreading.

  • All the spellings, grammar and typing mistakes are fixed.
  • The language and the format of the paper are consistent.
  • Improvises the already good piece of text.
  • Ensures that the quality of the document is apt according to publication requirements.
  • It is cheaper than the service of editing.

Assignment writing could be really problematic but there is always a solution to problems. Discussed above is the right pattern to follow in order to construct a good quality paper. Proofreading and editing is the most important part of any assignment and students must not skip at any cost. There is a lot of confusion about the difference between proofreading and editing. However, there is a major difference between the two and different outcomes as well which are discussed above.


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