Transfer from Visa and MasterCard to Payeer


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This site is still relatively young – it was launched in 2012, and the central office of the office is located in Tbilisi. The remaining offices are located in other major cities around the world.

Transfer from Visa and MasterCard to Payeer

In order to become a client of the server, you need to register, for this, it is possible to go through an email box – you will be automatically transferred to your account. Allows its customers to carry out international transactions online, make payments on the, exchange between currencies of different countries, and monitor reliable exchangers.

Visa/MasterCard is one of the most popular international payment systems in the world. You can find the names of these systems on plastic cards of more than 20 thousand financial institutions in two hundred countries. The cards guarantee a high speed of processing requests and a level of reliability.

Transfer and conversion of monetary units from one payment system to another is a very simple procedure, all services interact perfectly with each other.

Bankcard Visa – what is it?

Bank cards have confidently entered the daily life of every person and have taken an important place there. And already some transactions, without the presence of cards, cannot be carried out. Today, almost every person has cards, since it is easy to issue them, and it is very convenient to use it.

Cards differ in their functionality, type, and type (credit card or debit). There are such types of cards – Electron, Classic, Gold, as well as Platinum, Infinite and Virtual. To protect against scammers and swindlers, holograms are applied to the cards.

It is worth noting the advantages of Visa/MasterCard cards:

  • Availability;
  • Ease of design and ease of use;
  • Control and reporting on expenses;
  • You can carry large amounts of money with you;
  • Round-the-clock access to money, regardless of your location;
  • Protection from scammers and thieves.

Various types of currencies can be stored on the cards – rubles, dollars, hryvnias, and euros. More detailed information about transfers from Visa and MasterCard to Payeer can be found by clicking on the link of the thematic resource

Most credit cards currently have 16 digits on the front. The initial six digits of the card number indicate the issuer’s identification number. Also often – the Visa credit card usd number starts with 4, MasterCard – with numbers in the period from 51 to 55. Numbers from 7 to 15 indicate the personal number of the account holder of the card itself. And the last digit is a special number, the so-called checksum, which is used to confirm that the card is valid.

The procedure for transferring funds from a Visa or Mastercard to Payeer

A transfer from a Visa or Mastercard to Payeer can always be made on various payment platforms on the Internet. When choosing a suitable item, be sure to study currency reserves. All resource exchangers must pass the maximum check because they are safe. Also, each of the points has a decent currency reserve and BL level and has rich experience in the field of e-currency conversion.

The selection of profitable exchange services should be carried out on bestchange, here are the most advantageous offers. The resource provides information on various exchange points operating in automatic and manual modes of operation. Pivot tables and graphs describe information about rates and stocks of points. Information is updated around the clock (update frequency – 5 seconds), this provides reliable information about the optimal exchange rates. All this helps to find a suitable exchanger.

To benefit from the use of the resource’s capabilities, every day all active users are credited with completely free bonuses presented in WMR. It is necessary to fill out a special application form on this site and register your WMR wallet.


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