Wellness Warriors: A Holistic Approach to Health and Happiness


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Your quality of life depends largely on wellness. It is the basic sense of inner happiness. It also depends on a sense of strength and resilience. How well you can handle challenges in life. These qualities of wellness don’t just help people be happy. They also improve mental, emotional, and physical health. They enable people to bounce back faster when things are difficult and be more successful in life. So, how do you get wellness? You must become a wellness warrior.

a holistic approach to health and happiness

Who is a Wellness Warrior?

There are three essential things a wellness warrior prioritises the most – mental, physical, and emotional well-being. They are especially conscious of the decisions they make. The main objective of a wellness warrior is to build and maintain a healthy life or reclaim lost health. What can make you become this person is a sense of eagerness and vitality. The achievements of a wellness warrior depend on two important things – self-awareness and knowledge.

Key Characteristics of a Wellness Warrior

This holistic approach to health and happiness relies on certain characteristics. You must have these characteristics to be able to meet your objectives as a wellness warrior.


Gaining and maintaining lasting health and happiness is not easy. You must have the knowledge and skills you need. You become happy when you understand your world better. You can make conscious decisions when you are knowledgeable about something.

If you are a person who works from home (WFH), you need to understand how your home design can help boost your health and wellness. To achieve this objective, you need knowledge of good WFH designs and ideas. Things like minimalist design principles and how to cultivate indoor plants for improving health and wellness.


Your health and happiness rely heavily on your ability to reflect on and understand things that define you. Your responses to situations and other people. It has everything to do with you gaining perspective on your feelings and thoughts. Therefore, you need to develop and build self-awareness to be a successful wellness warrior.

It is through self-awareness that you can devise a good mental state of reference. You will not unreasonably lash at people without thinking about what you are doing. In this case, you are truly aware of your feelings and how they are affecting the people around you. In other words, you will hardly act not yourself when you are self-aware.

Knowing what you should be doing in your professional and personal life is not easy when you are not self-aware. Why is that? You have no clue what works for you, which can be a big obstacle in your work and personal life. It can also be impossible for you to make strategic decisions that will not affect your health and happiness.

The Pillars of Wellness

You need the following pillars of wellness to achieve good health and happiness in your life.

1) Physical Health

The state of your physical body and how it operates is important to your wellness. This is so because everything you do depends on your physical health. The lack of sleep, for example, can limit your performance at work. This will directly affect your well-being at work.

It’s also easy to lose confidence in oneself and experience low self-esteem if you have poor physical health. This is what usually happens to people struggling with excessive weight gain and obesity. Such people are always worried about what others are thinking about their physical bodies. If you experience poor physical health for a long time, your mental health may suffer the consequences.

You can maintain good physical health by practising physically healthy habits. These are positive behaviours that a wellness warrior must do over and over again to maintain good physical health.

● Regular Physical Fitness

You can easily and effectively maintain good physical health through regular physical fitness. This usually involves engaging in fitness activities like cardio and weights regularly. This can lower your risk of circulatory and heart diseases.

● Living an Active Lifestyle

The key to any good physical health is living an active lifestyle. In addition to working out, you must also include other forms of activities in your routine whenever possible. These activities can include jogging and walking. It is also advisable to avoid the lift and take the stairs to keep the body moving.

● Maintain a Balance Diet

Always watch what you eat to avoid consuming extra calories. Make it a habit to only consume a balanced diet that is free of junk food

2) Mental Health

You have just seen how important physical health is important to your wellness. The same applies to mental health. It describes how it feels to be you. Your mind will know peace when you are mentally healthy. Some things, however, can interfere with your mental well-being. Such things can include insomnia, anxiety, and even depression.

Poor physical health like obesity is something visible that you can see in the mirror. Poor mental health is invisible and you can’t tell by just looking at yourself. However, you can observe changes in your behaviour, talk to people you trust about the issue, or talk to a professional. You must find a way to be self-aware about your mental health to avoid undesirable effects.

3) Emotional Health

Another pillar a wellness warrior needs to work on is emotional health. It’s easy to express your emotions when you are aware of your emotional health. Good emotional health equips you with the following important tools:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-beliefs
  • Social awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Self-agency
  • Good relationship skills

All the above-mentioned tools can not only help you recognise but also understand your emotions. This way, you can appropriately respond to challenges in your life.

In Summary

We have provided you with all the important information you need to become a wellness warrior. You can become a wellness warrior for yourself or other people in the community. However, you need to be ready to do a few things, such as commit to acquiring knowledge, be self-aware, and work on personal growth. All these things need you to make the right decisions.


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