Interesting Investments That Have Made Many People Wealthy


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The trends in discussion forums and chat rooms related to investment options and advice has been for cryptocurrencies, resources, and precious metal coins. The argument here is that we may have missed a trick. As traditional markets ebb and flow, there have been some solid investments in those items more related to collections, hobbies, and enjoyable pastimes.

Interesting Investments That Have Made Many People Wealthy


Out of the list herein, jewelry is the most obvious investment as it’s generally shiny and made of precious, valuable metals with gemstones. However, investing in jewelry is not always a simple process, and it’s essential to know what to look for so that you know of the pieces that are more likely to increase in value. Your choice must be based on the pieces’ bespoke or individual nature and the value of the stones, gems, and metal, not just on what you like and whether you would wear it.

Watches and luxury timepieces

Watches have always been great investment pieces, and this has simply continued and still provides for a great way to spend your time. A great example to illustrate how good this can be is to look at the Rolex Submariner, which would’ve made you a 20% return had you bought one in 2014. The trick is to know the market and to also know what the prevailing financial trends are, i.e., will the bank interest rates provide a better bet for your money? Furthermore, do you have other investments because the watch and exclusive timepiece are perfect as part of a basket of investments. Yet, it may not be able to meet the long-term returns offered from the stock market, and the advice herein is to make sure that you read and study a good guide to buying antique watches so that you have a good idea of where to look.

Fine wines

Storage is key, and knowing which vineyards produce wine worth keeping will be the only way you will get close to making any money on a wine collection or even on a specific bottle of wine. There are generally two ways that you can invest in wine. The first is to simply buy the preferred bottle or products that you know and have tasted and store them yourself. OR reduce the risk and pay a little more and have a wine investment firm (Yes! wine investment firm) deal with your investment and storage thereof. Investment in fine wines is a very niche market, and as such, you should do as much research as possible as to costs associated with storage, the risks of the wrong temperature, and how long a bottle can actually be kept for.

The secret to investing in wine is not to drink all of the profits, yet you need to be somewhat of a connoisseur to engage with the investment and understand the processes and potential of the various wines out there.

Investing in the items mentioned in this article has made a lot of money for many people. The list of possible options is endless, from investing in antique and vintage cars, clothing, movie memorabilia, and much, much more. Indeed, these investments are not for us all, and you need to have done all your due diligence before a cent is spent. However, with the right advice and a clear plan of action, investing in things you like will go a long way to making your investment work.


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