10 Tape in Hair Extension Advantages You Should Know


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Are you considering getting tape in hair extensions, but not sure whether or not it will be an effective hair solution for you? Don’t worry, there are many advantages to using tape in hair extensions. Keep reading to find out what they are!

10 Tape in Hair Extension Advantages You Should Know

Last a long time

Tape in hair extensions can last in your hair for a reasonable amount of time – up to two months depending on your care method as well. This is due to their adhesives and the way they are applied. Tape in hair extensions usually last longer than clipped ones or sewed ones.

Simple to maintain

Luckily, tape in hair extensions are also quite easy to maintain. Simply treat it like your real hair and avoid pulling it. If treated this way, tape in hair extensions will look the same throughout the whole two months it is in your hair.

Variety of shades

Tape in hair extensions come with a variety of colours and shades so that you can pick and choose whichever suits you the best. From natural colours to unnatural ones, you can find the right shade of tape in hair extensions for you pretty easily.

Variety of textures and lengths

Tape in hair extensions also come in a variety of textures and lengths. This is especially important for individuals who are looking for a more natural look and want their tape in hair extensions to blend seamlessly with their own hair. Whether you have thin hair or dry hair, you can find a tape in hair extension that will meet your expectations.

Create more hairstyles

Having more hair with tape in hair extensions will naturally allow you to create more hairstyles. From long braids to high ponytails, you can also make hairstyles you normally wear look better as well.

Considerably durable

Tape in hair extensions are additionally considerably durable. You do not have to avoid certain activities with tape in hair extensions, and can go about your daily life. You can shower, go swimming and work out with no problems.

Not damaging to your hair

There is no damage to your hair nor your scalp when using tape in hair extensions. This is because they are incredibly lightweight, and tape well into your real hair without causing any pressure on your scalp nor hair. You may also avoid allergic reactions to tape in extensions, unlike clip-in ones where you may have a reaction to the metal clip.

Easy to remove

In the case that you do not want tape in extensions in your hair for a certain day or occasion, you can easily remove them. Of all hair extensions, take in ones are the easiest to remove. You can do so by using a special bond removal solution which slides the tape out without pulling on or damaging your hair.

Can reuse

After removing your tape in hair extensions, you can also reuse them by reapplying them. Simply replace your tapes with double sided ones and you’re good to go.

Quite affordable

In addition to all the benefits listed above, tape in hair extensions are fortunately also quite affordable (especially when compared to other hair treatments). Not only that, due to their long term durability and reusability, they are also worth your money.

Be sure to feel confident getting your tape in hair extensions by considering all their advantages!


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