3 Tech Trends Set to Change the Business World


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The business world is constantly adapting to changes in the technology space, with many modern business operations being dependent on the advances of technology, especially in the field of construction takeoff services.. There are many trends emerging in the 21st century which are revolutionising the way businesses operate across multiple different industries and professions.

3 Tech Trends Set to Change the Business World

As such, in order to prepare for the technological changes coming your way, make sure to at least be aware of what they are and how they can impact your business space. Keep reading to do just that!

Automatic software programs

Automation in computer software programs is becoming the growing norm in the business world. Not only is automatic software used in everyday life, it is also used in business-specific programs and technologies such as e-invoicing, virtual corporate cards and expense management programs.

The automation of business processes and systems has not only made business internal operations much more efficient, it has also eliminated problems of human error and wasted time.

For example, by using automatic expense management softwares over hiring an on-site accountant or bookkeeper, businesses can effectively minimise the risks of human error. In addition, automatic expense management softwares may also help businesses save on time and costs.

Automatic software programs are sure to become widely used in the business world, and as such, it is only wise for you to investigate this trend further and understand how you may incorporate automation into your own business.


Blockchain is an up and coming trend in technology involving improving the security of existing online data storage methods. Whereas most cloud-based data storage systems in today’s business environment are centralised and controlled by one main database owner, blockchains completely change the scene by introducing decentralised systems of storage.

Blockchains work by dividing pieces of information and data between virtual blocks which are then distributed across a wide network. These virtual blocks are highly secure – however when broken into, does not contain the full representation of the stored data.

As a result, blockchains are incredibly secure in the way they store data as not one person is the sole owner of any ‘blocks’ and the network itself possesses holistic control over the stored information.

An example of blockchain technology in today’s world is Bitcoin, and with the way things are going, blockchains are sure to make their way into the business world as well.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality, also known as AR, is a trend that is making changes in the business world. It involves the use of technical systems to combine real-time 3D visual representations with other human senses such as touch and sound. It also uses location data to help create an immersive environment for individuals to experience and sometimes, interact with.

Although augmented reality is currently mostly used for recreational purposes, it is only a few years away from making changes to the business industry as well. In fact, according to RMIT University, AR has already started to make its way into the business world with augmented reality shopping experiences (where individuals can visualise products with 3D and interactive animations).

Keeping up with trends in the business world

The above three trends are a few of many which are set to make significant changes in the business world as time passess. It is important to be aware of these trends so that you can stay on top of your game and adapt to such changes when they inevitably do introduce themselves in the business world.


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