Quilt, Duvet, or Comforter? Choosing Your Perfect Bed Cover


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Have you ever shopped for bed cover and found that they all look the same but are labelled differently?

You are not alone.

It’s easy to get confused and not know what you want. And most of the time, the staff at your local store won’t be able to help with your preference either.

Quilt, Duvet, or Comforter? Choosing Your Perfect Bed Cover

So sit back, relax, and get excited to get your perfect bed cover after understanding the difference between quilts, duvets, and coverlets.

Will you end up with Linen Duvet Cover Sets or Queen Size Quilt Cover Sets?


The quilt comes from a rich history of art dating back to 3500 BC. It has now been associated with bed covers, but quilting has many uses and styles found worldwide.

Your traditional quilt is composed of a top layer, an inner batting, and a bottom layer.

The top layer is fashioned from different types and pieces of fabric stitched into complex patterns that are pleasing to the eyes. The inner batting is a thin inner layer of either down (a fluffy, loose, manufactured substance made from geese feathers) or wool. The bottom layer is your usual solid piece of fabric.

The quilter combines all three layers to create beautiful kinds of textile design. The quilt has evolved beautifully over the years, culminating in stylish Queen Size Quilt Cover Sets perfect for making your bedroom look and feel luxurious.

A quilt can now be crafted with sewing machines but may also sometimes be done by hand. It is also common to make patterns by dyeing instead of interweaving fabric. After all, quilting is still an art just like amazon queen sheets.

The quilt, made from cotton or cotton blends, is lightweight and fitting for the summer and warmer days.


You probably think you’re already familiar with what a comforter is, but it has its unique design.

A comforter is a thick bed cover containing a down or a synthetic substitute. That’s why it looks like the Michelin Man. Most comforters are quilted or sewn to contain the filling. The quilt may be used here but only as a verb.

Comforters differ from quilts because they lack the ornate patterns that quilt exhibits. But it does not mean that comforters can’t be stylish. They can be versatile and come in different colours, themes, and designs.

Like quilts, comforters can be made from cotton or cotton blends. They may also be crafted from different synthetic combinations.

Comforters, known more for function than style, are cheaper and warmer, making them perfect for the winter and cold nights.


The duvet may have the weirdest sounding name, but it’s simply a comforter. Well, only technically.

Duvet in French means comforter. However, its usage has evolved and is now known to refer to duvet covers. You guessed right if you think duvets are popular in Europe.

A duvet cover is a protective layer that you can stuff your comforter in. Think of it as a pillowcase for your comforter. It may sound bland, but it adds style and looks to your bed.

The duvet cover trumps the quilt and comforter in terms of washability. It’s also versatile enough to be used without a comforter or paired with Queen Size Quilt Cover Sets.

This type of bed cover is great for modern and minimalist bedrooms and people having a hard time doing laundry. Goodbye top sheet, hello duvet cover.

Take your pick

Now that you know the difference between these bamboo fabric quilt covers, you can get the perfect bed cover for you. It all depends on your preference, but considering the higher temperature and the persisting summer feels in Australia, the quilt may be a wise choice. And if you want luxury and sophistication in your bedroom, Queen Size Quilt Cover Sets are just a click away.


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