6 Different Ways to Get Sales Leads in Real Estate


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Trying something different when it comes to lead generation can always help. Online directories, white papers, and guest posting can all provide potential leads – but what else is out there, for you?


Linkedin is an invaluable platform for real estate agents looking to increase leads. As a social network catering specifically to business professionals, agents can search the platform to locate potential clients through search, connect with them directly and engage them in meaningful conversations. Linkedin offers tools that allow agents to measure the success of their campaigns.

Utilizing LinkedIn to generate sales leads requires consistent dedication and the development of relationships. Although creating connections and generating leads overnight is impossible, consistent efforts can increase an agent’s sphere of influence and lead generation potential. Linking back to an agent’s website or posting relevant content as well as participating in LinkedIn groups are great ways to get started with lead generation using this social platform.

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator feature offers another method to generate leads, helping agents stay in contact with prospects and contacts while personalizing messages for each prospecting scenario. It even lets agents send 100 personalized connection requests every week.

Online Directories

Online directories are an effective way for real estate businesses to generate leads, particularly if targeted towards the right audience. Companies like Oyoy Inc – Seller Leads take care of all SEO posts that list your business on these directories. Listing your business can increase its chance of generating potential leads and help searching efforts as it raises search engine rankings and shows Google your company is legitimate.

Business directories serve as an advertising space for businesses to showcase their services, while clients can easily locate them by searching categories they are interested in. They also provide business-to-business services like networking and talent scouting.

However, not all online directories are created equal; choosing the appropriate ones for your business is paramount to its success. In order to gain maximum benefits from joining and advertising on specific directories, take careful note when making decisions regarding which directories to join and advertise on. In addition, always request analytics from directory listings as they will show whether they’re helping boost SEO efforts.

Industry Forums

Industry forums can help real estate professionals create leads by building up their credibility as industry experts and expanding their online presence. A dedicated forum often attracts consumers interested in products and services relevant to your industry, so building up a presence there could create greater sales opportunities as well as establish you as an authoritative thought leader.


Blogging can be an excellent way to drive website traffic. By including keywords with high search engine optimization rankings and targeting potential customers with blog posts that speak directly to their needs and problems, blogging will bring visitors in from search engines as leads or potential customers. But before writing blog posts specifically targeting pain points of target audiences will convert users to leads and eventually customers.

According to this site, blogging can help you broaden your network of real estate partners and establish yourself as an authority in the field. An effective tactic for blog topics related to real estate would be addressing them from a local point of view – for instance instead of writing “How to Become a Real Estate Agent,” instead address “How to Become a Real Estate Agent in San Diego”.

Remember that blogging will take time to pay dividends; most businesses won’t see a return on their investment until after 6-12 months have been spent blogging consistently. However, blogging will bring long-term advantages that will continue to help your business.

Guest Posting

Guest posting in real estate is an effective way to reach new potential clients and develop relationships. Start by searching blogs in your niche that accept guest posts; write a professional pitch that’s personal yet direct; most blog owners will welcome hosting it if relevant; but for added confidence read their guidelines as well as recent articles to understand their writing style.

Guest posting offers many advantages to businesses. Not only will it increase brand recognition and credibility in your target audience community, having your byline on an established publication can increase your chance of connecting with new prospects as well as improving SEO by increasing reputable backlinks to your site.


Networking can be one of the most effective strategies for increasing real estate leads. When attending networking events and group meetings, be prepared with an action plan in mind such as converting leads to clients, developing mentor-mentee relationships or expanding referral sources.

Make an effort to give more than you receive – this will set yourself apart from other agents while showing people that you are trustworthy and helpful; reach out to local businesses offering assistance with marketing efforts or going after expired products – this process may take some time but could ultimately bring in steady business in the long term!


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