Common Commercial Plumbing Issues That Affects Businesses


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Commercial plumbing is often an overlooked aspect of keeping a business. Sometimes, it’s far too late before any problems are diagnosed and solved, causing more costly repairs than bigger revenues. A poorly working plumbing system will have a detrimental impact on your business, regardless of its severity.

Common Commercial Plumbing Issues That Affects Businesses

Keeping your clients and workers comfortable by providing a perfectly working plumbing system should be one of your priorities. This gives your employees fewer tasks to work on and worry about while maintaining a great working relationship with your clients. To avoid any mishaps, here are a few prevalent plumbing problems that businesses should be aware of.

Broken or Clogged Pipes

A damaged pipe can devastate a whole building if left unchecked. Cold weather, corrosion, extreme water pressure, negligent digging, or even old age can cost you your business. This issue usually escalates to water damage that rots the building’s interior or molds that can form and make the building’s walls, floors, or ceilings a health hazard.

Broken pipes are vulnerable to cracking or splitting, so it’s critical to figure out what causes them to avoid any damage to your business. It’s costly to replace or repair these pipes, so it’s best to do some preventive maintenance before they turn into an expensive investment.

Not Enough Water Pressure

A broken pipe often leads to low water pressure for your business’ needs. This loss of water pressure can affect other factors that make up all the work done in a day, which is crucial for a business. Debris and other loose materials can accumulate in the pipes if water pressure is kept low. Check your primary regulator if it’s set in the fully open position to ensure that your water flow is at an optimal rate.

Obstructed Toilet or Drain

This is one of the most common problems with your plumbing. It can have multiple causes and usually can be fixed easily. Sometimes, people tend to use too much toilet paper or dump items into a toilet that won’t fit its pipes. These items can pile on each other and overflow a toilet within a matter of minutes.

Being a business doesn’t help, as more people will use your toilet and have a higher chance of clogging it. By routinely declogging drains and toilets, you can ensure that they won’t malfunction any time soon.

Rancid Smells From the Sewer

As a result of congested drainage or pipe, an awful stench that can come from a kitchen sink or bathroom drain often indicates something is wrong with your plumbing. Blocked pipes, broken drains, and dried-out traps are common causes of this problem. It can harshly impact your business, as any potential customer or even your employees will experience discomfort in smelling odors within their workplace.

Pipes that are quick to clog result in a buildup of waste within them; they’re the usual culprit for the cause of the smell. This will need the help of a professional before it gets worse and before it creates a bigger health risk.

Unnoticeable Leaks

A leak can be hard enough to repair, but a hidden leak will take more time to find and fix. A leaking toilet, for example, will be harder to repair if the broken part of the plumbing is hidden either in a wall or underground. If there is a water leak on the floor or in the wall, it may be a sign that there is something wrong with the pipes.

One of the ways to check for leaks is to monitor your monthly water bill. If the amount of water used increases without changes in the water consumption of your employees, that is a sign that there is a leak within the building’s plumbing system.

Fix Your Plumbing Issues Today

These are a few of the plumbing problems that you, as an entrepreneur, would usually encounter. These plumbing issues can be a hassle to do on your own. To ensure a proper fix, you can hire commercial plumbers to do the repairs for you. They’ll be able to figure out what to do and perform the tasks without hesitation. To learn more about plumbing repairs and ways to fix them, get in touch with a commercial plumber today.


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