7 Key Steps to Do To Protect Yourself from Medical Carelessness


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Whenever you visit your doctor’s office, you are always apprehensive and nervous. This is a normal reaction especially if you are feeling ill. In order to make your visit more comfortable, the staff are trained in ways to relax patients and have them get more out of their visit. If you are able to calm yourself down and become aware of what is happening around you at the office, you will be able to see that there are ways you can avoid becoming a victim of carelessness that can occur. Many times, the medical staff are under a lot of pressure because of patient load and the requirements that are made of them. When this happens, there is often a chance that they can overlook something or just become careless in their treatment of the patients. You can avoid these situations by knowing what you need to have done each time you visit your doctor.

7 Key Steps to Do To Protect Yourself from Medical Carelessness

Knowledge Is Your Best Tool

When you go to the doctor, whether it is for a well visit or an illness, there are certain things that need to be done by the support staff prior to the doctor entering the examination room. All of your vital statistics should be taken and this includes, temperature, blood pressure and pulse. If you find that the nurse or medical aide has not done any of these or has skipped over one or more of them, you need to remind them immediately to do so. This information is vital in how the doctor will treat you.

Complete Information On Your Part

In order for the doctor to give you a complete diagnosis, he or she must know exactly what your problem is. When explaining your sickness, you should include all of your symptoms so that he can make an accurate diagnosis. A doctor will only be able to treat you according to what you have told him and will then follow the medical procedure for it. This will help to avoid any misdiagnosis that can be made.

Bring A Friend Or Write It Down

It is wise that you prepare yourself before visiting the doctors office and you should write down any questions you may have before you go. If you can, bringing a friend or family member with you is always a good thing. You may miss something that is said or the staff may overlook something you are asking. If it is written down, most likely you will leave with a feeling of having had a complete exam. With another person in the room with you, they can ask what you may not and you can get more information in this way.

Check With Other Patients

If you have never visited a certain doctors office before, it would be a good idea to do some research on the internet in order to find out what their patients are saying about them. Visit the office website to see what their services are and what backgrounds the medical staff has. You can also check reviews of the office online to see what they have been rated. Another option is to check with your state health department in order to find out if there have been any complaints about them prior to your visit.

Seek Help If You Feel Something Has Been Done Wrong

If, after visiting the doctors office, you feel that something has either been done wrong or you have not been treated as you should have been, you may want to seek the council of an attorney. They will be able to tell you whether or not your case falls under the catagory or medical malpractice. In order to find a good attorney, you should look on the internet in your area for one that specializes in this type of law. Entering Brisbane Medical Negligence Lawyers Murphy’s Law, for instance, will bring up a list of lawyers who can help you.

Be Sure To Follow Up On Treatment

If you want to avoid any carelessness on the medical teams part, you should always follow up with them in regard to additional appointments or taking medications as prescribed. You can also get the services of the medical negligence Ireland solicitors. The doctor and his staff can only do so much and in order for you to get the right treatment and become healthy again, you need to follow their directions carefully. If the doctor would like you to come back for another visit after a certain amount of time, you should do so even if you are feeling better.

Know What Your Treatment Options Are

When you have been diagnosed with an illness, it is best that you find out what your options are as far as treatment is concerned. You can ask the staff at your doctors office or you can research your illness online. Since most illnesses will have several treatment options, you want to be as informed as you can about all of them and then decide which is best for you. If your doctor is unaware of a certain treatment, you should offer his as much information on it as you can. He will be able to let you know if this is best and how you can go about using it.

When you visit a doctor, always remember that you are in charge of your medical treatment and you want to do what is best for you. Your doctor will have this same opinion but, at times, he or she may not have the most up to date information available. It is your responsibility to inform them of anything you have learned about your sickness. Having a good two way dialog with your doctor is essential. You should never just sit there and listen, you should be participating in the conversation. For many years, people felt that the doctors word was final and you could not ask questions. This is not true anymore since patients are more aware of diseases and illnesses than ever before. Never be afraid to ask the doctor questions you may have.


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