6 Examples of Fintech Content Marketing That Works


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Have you searched the examples of fintech content marketing that works? Well, you’ve come to the right page!

This 42DM expert’s post examines how six well-known companies employ fintech content marketing and make it to advance to the next level.

Well-written and visually appealing content has been demonstrated to attract more visits and lead to higher purchases (or in one case, employees).

6 Examples of Fintech Content Marketing That Works

Despite not having access to each company’s internal information, I am able to make educated guesses about the performance of various sorts of content based on conversations with their marketing directors and previous experience.

In this context, we will refer to this type of promotion as “content marketing.”

Wise: Content Relating to Competitors

Check out the Wise website and app if you want to transfer money internationally without spending a lot of money.

Wise offers a number of fantastic tools to help you get the most out of your fintech marketing strategy, but one method that anybody can utilize is creating posts about how to sign up for and delete a competitor’s account.

A more traditional marketer could find this ludicrous, misinterpreting it as a focus on the competitors. Content marketers are becoming increasingly popular.

People seeking for alternatives to UBank would first search Google or another search engine for “how to terminate a UBank account.” This person is most likely already familiar with Wise and is ready to begin implementing it. People near the bottom of the sales funnel are the most likely to purchase anything.

Wise takes command of the plot by focusing on the reader’s ultimate aim. Products liked by sages may be mentioned in the article (without being unduly salesy and spammy) (without being overly salesy and spammy).

This fintech digital marketing approach is used by Mint Studios for its clients. In our perspective, these developments result in a significant amount of new business for Wise.

Curvo: Developing Content Before Product Launch

Curvo is a Belgian company that assists young professionals with their investing needs. From the beginning, content marketing and the lean startup technique were used. They are two business entrepreneurs who sell their products and services through internet platforms and content creation (videos and articles).

The product was released to the public after two years of development. 14 customers were served in less than a week. There are currently hundreds of these individuals. During our discussion, Thomas, one of Curvo’s co-founders, informed us that fintech digital marketing agency and Google were the main factors that first drew users to the service.

What was the thought? Always begin with what is most essential. There are no “ten methods to save money” or “frugal recommendations” lists. Both the text and the layout are excellent. They rank for very profitable keywords as a pair, and their monthly pageviews total more than 5,000.

Argyle: Content That Answers Customers’ Questions

Argyle is a business-focused financial technology firm. It provides its clients with access to a massive database of human resources records. The information they provide about a worker’s employment history is critical because it allows companies to compare and contrast persons with varying skill sets and salary expectations.

Articles such as “The Top Ten Methods to Optimize Payment Processing” are published by B2B fintech organizations. According to the fintech marketing Slack channel, B2B digital marketing for fintech companies is often shallow.

Despite this, Argyle performs admirably. The blog posts are among the most inventive on the market.

Client dialogues, according to Argyle’s marketing director Eva Sasson, influence how content is created. They meet once a month to discuss ways to improve the website and brainstorm new content ideas.

If you want to increase your sales, you should begin by responding your clients’ queries and concerns. There is plenty of high-quality, up-to-date stuff available.

Sean Blanda writes in this essay that sales-oriented SaaS firms should begin with email marketing rather than SEO (SEO). Even though Argyle is not a software as a service (SaaS), it generates a lot of revenue. When you’re first getting started with marketing strategy for fintech startups, it’s a smart idea to concentrate on creating material that answers your audience’s most often asked concerns.

Moov: Content That Helps with Hiring

Moov is a payment-moving and storage solution for developers. They are a platform for designing stuff that prioritizes the user.

Content marketing has aided in hiring, however we are not sure if their blog is utilized to acquire new consumers.

Bryan, Moov’s marketing director, stated that the “Why I Joined Moov” blog entries assisted the organization in recruiting new employees. People who have lately been employed have stated that they wanted to work at Moov because of these stories.

Content marketing may be used to attract both new consumers and new staff. You may discover more about new recruits by asking them for a statement of intent.

Spendesk: Comparison Articles That Rank for Keywords With Strong Intent

Spendesk does not employ landing pages to target keywords; instead, it uses blog entries. Blog posts outperform landing pages in terms of performance and conversion rates.

Spendesk performs well with “high-intent” tool and product keywords, which indicate that users are looking to purchase something. Qualified leads are drawn to an article that is keyword-focused and prominently displays your answer.

If they click on their keywords, some people may join up without reading the description. Add a call to action (CTA) after the first few phrases to grab your audience’s attention.

Pensionbee: Content Marketing Aimed At Influencing

Pensionbee is an app that assists you in saving for and managing your pension. Despite the high quality of their work, their influencer marketing is excellent.

They collaborated with a group of money-related blogs to launch the product. They’ve been collaborating on these blogs for five years.

Mrs Mummy Penny is the brainchild of Lynn Beattie. Her Pensionbee blog articles date back to March 2017, little over a year after the app originally became available.

Check out their marketing strategies for fintech companies blog to see if there are any guest postings. Guest blogging exchanges aided Pensionbee from the start, and more than 10,000 of their backlinks originated from these exchanges five years later.-

Influencer marketing is extremely useful when introducing a new product or if you currently have a modest fan base. Mrs. Mummy Penny contributed to the brand’s popularity, and the endorsements she received most likely resulted in some sales.

The marketing strategy sector is very competitive, yet not everyone succeeds. we believe that the majority of what Google has to offer is still subpar and does not provide much value to businesses. It’s encouraging to see that these six fintech firms are performing well, but they can do even better.

Thank you for reading. Learn more about different content marketing approaches with 42DM now.


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