Amino Acid Supplements: 5 Benefits Why You Should Have Them Regularly


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Amino acids play an important role in your health routine. They are basically the building blocks of protein, but you can also use amino acids in the fusion of hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters, with other crucial substances.

Amino Acid Supplements: 5 Benefits Why You Should Have Them Regularly

Your body uses 21 amino acids to build and repair itself. Nine of these are essential amino acids that mean your body cannot produce them, and hence, you need to consume them. Since amino acids are so crucial for your healthy life, you must regularly take amino acid supplements to boost your immunity and stay fit. Here are the benefits of these supplements:

1. Improved Muscle Growth

The main reason to consume amino acids every day is for your muscle growth. Leucine, specifically, has been considered to regulate and boost your muscle protein synthesis after a workout. Stirred by the stress of your workout and stimulated by the jolt of leucine, your muscles will get everything they need to grow and get better prepared for your next workout.

2. Reduce Muscle Soreness

Studies suggest that amino acids can help you decrease muscle soreness after a regular workout. Feeling sore for a few days after a workout, especially when you have just started your workout routine, is common, and this soreness is known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Moreover, DOMS grows 12 to 24 hours after your workout and may last up to 72 hours. Though you cannot point out the exact reason for DOMS, some studies believe that it is an outcome of small tears in your muscles after the workout.

If you take amino acid supplements regularly before your workout, these will decrease your muscle damage and help you reduce the duration and severity of DOMS.

3. Amino Acids Reduce Fatigue

If you are into fitness or sports and want to reduce your fatigue levels and boost endurance, regular intake of amino acids can help.

Consumption of amino acids can be useful to reduce exertion and mental fatigue after your regular workout. Since amino acids also help you sleep better, you do not feel fatigued the next morning.

4. Immunity

The white blood cells that circulate in your body are the main weapon in the fight against infection. If you consume amino acids regularly, they can play a crucial role in your immunity.

Amino acids can boost the multiplication of white blood cells to the levels essential to fight off any infection. Research shows that limiting the free amino acids in your body – mainly the branched-chain amino acids, may impair your immune system and make you prone to infections.

5. Lose Fat with Amino Acids

Scientific studies have revealed the connection between amino acids and weight loss. Amino acids are the centre of all cells in your body. When you take amino acids regularly during a weight loss workout routine, it guarantees your muscle mass maintenance while losing fat.

Moreover, amino acids suppress your appetite, and this can trigger weight loss. If you have any fitness goals, consider taking supplements to intake amino acids in your daily life properly.

Hence, regular consumption of amino acids has several benefits for everyone. Whether you are an athlete or have any dietary restrictions, amino acid supplements can be even more beneficial.


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