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Jumeirah and the various projects of a similar name hold a prestigious place in Dubai. Jumeirah Golf Estate is one of the known luxurious residential golf communities of Dubai, having manicured landscapes. Moreover, this community is spread across 1119 hectares of land.

Living in Jumeirah Golf Estate - Rental Properties

Not to mention, the community comprises more than 16 distinct sub-communities. The leading community and the sub-communities are gated and full of safety and security.

The two well-developed golf courses, Earth and Fire, come under the umbrella of Jumeirah Golf Estate. However, there are two golf courses as well; they are under construction. One can never be disappointed with Jumeirah Golf Estates, as this community offers plenty of options.

Top Areas For Renting In Jumeirah Golf Estates:

Jumeirah Golf Estate is a place to live. The JGE clubhouse is a neighborhood spot, and it also offers various facilities. As a member, you can avail the amenities of fine-dining options, a rooftop bbq, and a swimming pool as well.

The Jumeirah Golf Estate also hosts the world tour championship every other year. Hence, a lot of activities are planned throughout the year. If you are a fan of Golf or someone who loves to play Golf, no other place would be better than JGE.

Let’s just explore some other most popular communities and properties for renting in Jumeirah Golf Estate.

Below is a list of the most popular communities for renting apartments, townhouses, and Jumeirah Golf Estate villas for rent.

Famous Sub-Communities For Renting Villas In Jumeirah Golf Estate:

Jumeirah Golf Estate is a total package and a top choice for almost everyone; however, when renting the properties, villas are considered the most effective option.

Tuscan architectural styles inspire the villas of Jumeirah Golf Estate with a hint of the Mediterranean theme. Moreover, the villas have 3,4,5, and 6 bedrooms. Whether you are a small family or a big; the villas of Jumeirah Golf Estate are a perfect option for you and your family.

That is not all; the typical villas of Jumeirah Golf Estate are occupied with arched hallways, covered terraces, tiles, and terracotta pavements.

The rented villas of Jumeirah Golf Estate are equipped with strategically designed floor plans and living-dining areas. Even the master bedrooms are spacious and well-equipped with windows and aesthetic corners.

The built-in closets are of top quality. Adding more to it, the guest and maid rooms are also up to the mark. The villas are full of smart technologies and entertainment systems. The whole vibe of the villas is just beautiful and gives a different feeling.

Lime Tree:

A fancy name and a fancy community! Basically, Lime Tree Valley is one of the top choices for tenants to rent a villa. The units in the Lime Tree Valley are aesthetic, modern, and top-notch.

The bedrooms and the corridors are spacious and well-kept, with 4-6 bedrooms. The whole infrastructure of the villa is Mediterranean-style. The kitchen of the villas is branded, equipped with thermal blockwork that absorbs the heat.

The walk-in closets are the highlight of the villa. Moreover, the fire-alarm system works amazingly and provides an extra layer of security. Keeping the rent and other facilities in mind, Lime Tree Valley is indeed a real option.

Whispering Pines:

Jumeirah Golf Estate and the sub-communities of JGE are perfect for living. One of the active communities of JGE is Whispering Pines. Well, yes, it gives a cozy vibe. The villas of Whispering pines have wooden doors.

The units are equipped with the latest technology of entertainment. The rents are also not that high, considering the number of facilities the community offers.

Orange Lake:

Orange Lake; more of an autumn vibe. This community is also one of the most popular communities of JGE when it comes to rental villas. The kitchens of the villas have Miele construction.

The swimming pools are iconic, and the unit has huge spacious windows. The tenants get a full-picture view of the outdoors. The units of Orange Lake are 4-5 bedrooms.

Flame Tree Ridge:

Almost everyone loves Italian architecture. The Flame Tree Ridge community is designed strategically. The Italian architecture inspires the villas; hence, it gives more of an aesthetic feeling.

Sienna Lakes:

Another famous district of Jumeirah Golf Estate is Sienna Lakes. The units are 3-4 spacious bedrooms. The villas are beautifully constructed, with a modern touch.

Other known communities of Jumeirah Golf Estate:

Olive Point is also a popular area of Jumeirah Golf Estate. The villas of OP give a similar feeling to Tuscan villages. Overlooking the picture-perfect landscape of the golf course, the villas of Olive Point have large and spacious french doors and windows that produce natural lights and give a gorgeous view.

Popular Communities for renting Townhouses:

Let’s explore the options for renting townhouses as well. The townhouses in Al Andalus are pretty spacious; the 3-bedroom unit can be perfect for a small family.

Moreover, Redwood Park is also a known area that provides townhouses at affordable prices. Not to mention, the townhouses in Orange Lake are also a good choice.

Popular areas for renting Apartments:

Al Andalus is one of the most popular communities when it comes to renting apartments. One can get a 1-bedroom apartment in Al Andalus at pretty affordable prices. The whole area is ideal, especially for sports lovers.

Whether you are getting a townhouse, a villa, or an apartment, Jumeirah Golf Estate is a pretty active and lavish community. In addition to this, the community offers many residents in terms of facilities and other benefits.


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