Bored After Early Retirement? Here’s What You Could Do


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Retiring early sounds like a dream come true for many working adults. The thought of giving up work while you’re still relatively young and healthy is certainly appealing. However, the reality of early retirement is not always as rosy as the dream. Many early retirees find themselves bored, lonely and lacking purpose and structure after leaving work. If you’ve taken early retirement and are struggling to fill your days meaningfully, here are some ideas to give you a sense of purpose and fulfilment in your golden years.

Learn a New Skill

One of the best ways to stave off boredom in retirement is to dedicate time to learning new skills. With no job to report to daily, you finally have the time to devote to learning that language you’ve always wanted to speak, picking up a musical instrument, or honing your cooking abilities. Learning keeps the mind sharp, provides a sense of purpose and achievement, and opens up new social connections when you join classes. From photography to calligraphy to computer coding, the possibilities are endless. Choose skill pursuits that genuinely interest you and enrich your retired life.

Turn a Hobby into a Side Hustle

Early retirees often have the time and freedom to devote to hobbies full-time. An enjoyable hobby like woodworking, gardening or knitting can be turned into a satisfying small business or side hustle. Not only does this provide more structure and purpose to your days, but it can supplement your retirement income too. If you enjoy making homemade goods or growing your own produce, consider selling your wares at local markets or online. Or you could sell your expertise to others by teaching lessons in your speciality. With just a hobby and passion, you can create your own job.

Get Active in Your Community

Boredom and loneliness often go hand in hand. An excellent way to meet new people and discover purpose after retiring is to become active in your local community. Consider volunteering with organisations that resonate with your values, such as animal shelters, conservation groups, youth mentoring programmes, or Meals on Wheels. Helping out at fundraising drives, participating in fun runs, or joining a community choir are other ways to get involved. Giving your time and skills to benefit others will make your days meaningful.

Become a Foster Carer

One incredibly rewarding way for early retirees to spend their time is by becoming foster carers. There is always a huge demand for foster families to provide stable, nurturing homes for children who are unable to live with their biological parents. As a senior with life experience and time on your hands, you’re an ideal candidate to care for foster children. Though certainly challenging at times, fostering gives retirees a profound sense of purpose – knowing you’re transforming young lives for the better. It is also a way to form meaningful new family connections. You’ll even receive an allowance to help you provide the right care. Check out this article on how much do foster parents get paid for more information.

Early retirement frees up your time, but it can also leave you feeling adrift and unfulfilled. By devoting your energy to new pursuits that provide meaning and social connection, you can create an engaging lifestyle in your retirement years.


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