Exploring the World of Digital Banking: What it is and How it Can Benefit You


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Digital banking allows customers to open an account online within minutes, anywhere and at any time. Digital wallets, banking apps and cashless transactions have gained more popularity as users have realized the benefits of digital banking.

What is digital banking?

Digitization of banking services is referred to as digital banking. It eliminated the need for customers to visit a bank branch physically. The term digital banking actually combines mobile banking and online banking services under a single roof. Due to the increased adoption and popularity of mobile devices, banks have advanced their services to their customers using their own mobile apps and websites.

Exploring the World of Digital Banking

Through digital banking, one can easily access all the banking services online with a glimpse of an eye. Mobile banking apps include the most prominent banking features, such as fund transfers, bill payments, mobile check deposits, and more. With Fi.Money, one can go online & open a zero-balance savings account in minutes. No paperwork & no hidden fees! Working professionals in India can sign up on Fi.Money within minutes.

Benefits of digital banking

● Highly convenient

Amongst all the other benefits of digital banking, the key benefit is accessing the facilities of banking services. The services and features can be quite easily used online. These online services are an excellent source for busy professionals and older adults.

● Great user experience

Digital banking allows customers to have a straightforward and intuitive user experience. Numerous customers can now access their banking facilities through their smartphones due to the rise of mobility. Banks invest more in customer experience as a rise in customer satisfaction will, in turn, up-sell and cross-sell the products and services to existing customers.

● Multiple payment choices

Digital banking comes with a choice of payment options. One can quite easily download the mobile bank app and pay as per requirements or pay with a debit card. A bank’s mobile app also supports various instant payment UPI payment options.

● Highly safe

One of the significant advantages of digital banking is that it is highly secure. Digital banks pursue risk-reducing security protections that include multi-factor authentication to provide the utmost security under all circumstances.


Banks understand that users nowadays look forward to the ease and convenience of digital banking. Hence, banks constantly upgrade their digital banking services. .If you want to handle all your money under one roof, Fi.Money’s got your back. Fi.Money, alongside its RBI-licensed partner Federal Bank, showcases the future of secure, digital banking. It can help one save up, invest wisely & analyze their expenses. Fi.Money is an online banking solution that allows an individual to get smarter with their money — in a fun & uncomplicated manner.


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