Duplexes: A Key to Turn The Dream Into Reality


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Human beings survive on three essential things, i.e. food, clothes and shelter. Duplex buildings provide just that, a shelter. Every human being has dreamt about a beautiful home at least once their lifetime. Duplex builders in Sydney can grant those wishes.

Owning a beautiful house is just not a dream, but it is something that will provide one with unbound happiness. Therefore, duplex builders in Sydney play a vital role as agents that turn these dreams into a beautiful reality.

Duplexes: A Key to Turn The Dream Into Reality

In Australia, 1 in 5 households owns a duplex building. Because of the popularity of Duplexes in Australia, according to McGrath Projects associate director Dennis Vertzayias, properties suitable for duplexes, which are also called dual occupancy, is worth about 20% more than the non-dual occupancy. According to HIA, i.e. the Housing Industry Association, Sydney has one of the top duplex building industries across Australia and the world.


A property consisting of two independent homes with a common wall sharing is known as Duplex. They were well designed with multiple benefits. They are more affordable than a house building, and they are usually a multi-family home. They have two separate entrances for each of the units, which helps the tenant pass through their own door. They also have two similar sizes of stairs for each separate unit. However, duplexes are not twin homes, as twin houses always have equal ownership. However, duplexes may or may not have equal ownership.

These duplexes are convenient for larger families, which includes grandparents as well as married children. The structure offers privacy, along with the convenience of being with the relative.

Advantages of Duplex:

  • They increase the funds for the mortgage.
  • They are affordable and convenient.
  • They bind the family together and increase happiness.
  • They provide independence yet bring one close to the family.

Duplex Buildings, A Good Investment

Duplex buildings have become most popular across Sydney after the surge in the Australian housing market prices because of their affordability compared to other buildings. The building also returns investment, as the owners can resell the second half of the property. Duplexes can be a perfect source of income, as the owner can keep tenants in their property. This can also significantly reduce financial strain, such as mortgage repayments. They can be the best server of extra investment.

Different types of Duplex design:

The plan of the duplex building often enhances the lifestyle of the family members with its multiple facilities. Duplexes come in a range of different varieties.

The following are some of the popular duplex configurations across Sydney –

  • They contain 2 or 3 bedroom plans
  • There are 5 bedroom designs also available
  • Duplexes are available in the form of single-storey designs
  • These are available in double-storey designs as well
  • Some of the duplexes have corner block designs
  • Most of the duplexes floors are planned with the system of double garages
  • However, some of the duplexes have narrow garage plans

Who are Duplex builders?

The ones who design and build a duplex design are known as duplex builders. There are top industries across Sydney with duplex builders.

Conditions to build a Duplex building are as follows-

  • Must be at least 400 square metres.
  • Must be at least 12 metres wide.
  • Must have a minimum side setback of 0.9 metres.
  • Must have at least one off-street parking spot.
  • Must be a permitted land use under the local environmental plan.


Duplexes are very convenient and one of the first choice for many people while choosing a perfect shelter. And duplex builders play a vital role in fulfilling those needs.


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