What to Do With a Dead Tree In Your Yard


It is heartbreaking to see your once alive and magnificent tree looking dull and dying. You provided it with the care and nourishment it needs, but now it’s about to face the ends of its days. There are several reasons why a tree would die. It can be lack of nutrients, water, improper pruning, disease, pests, or just plain neglect.

It is crucial to determine whether a tree is really dead or if it can still be revived with the right treatment. If the tree in question is beyond a doubt dead, you need to know what you should do next with it.

What to Do With a Dead Tree In Your Yard

When Should You Remove a Tree From Your Property

If you are certain that your tree needs to be eliminated, you have to do it sooner than later. To be sure, you can always ask for an expert’s advice to confirm whether the tree requires removal and what steps you should take next. Remember that an unstable tree is a danger not only to your loved ones but also to your property.

Should A Dead Tree Be Cut Down?

If the tree is completely dead beyond recovery, then, no question about it. The tree should be removed quickly. Trees, especially mature ones, can be huge and heavy. This means if it falls on your property, it can create costly damages or even take a person’s life. It is why if a tree is dead, it should be cut down as soon as possible.

If a dead tree falls on its own, you need to pay for all the damages and injuries because it will not be covered by your insurance company. Most insurance providers do not cover this kind of damage because it should have been avoided if the homeowner acted fast. As the tree owner, you need to prevent any accidents and damages that a dead tree can bring.

However, if you are uncertain of your tree’s condition, you can always call a certified arborist to assess it and give a correct diagnosis. Sometimes, a tree can appear dead, but in reality, it is just suffering from a disease and can still be revived. A certified arborist can help your tree recover with the proper technique.

Is It Okay to Decorate or Paint a Dead Tree?

If the tree is not at risk of falling on anything within your property, you can paint or decorate it. However, if the tree is anywhere near your home, we encourage you to eliminate it right away. You can save a few branches and decorate them, then remove the main tree for your safety.

When Will a Dead Tree Fall?

No one really knows when a tree will accidentally fall. Every tree is a different story. We cannot really tell how long a dead tree can hold on before it falls. All we know is it can be any time, so removing it is crucial.

The truth is, even a healthy-looking tree can fall during a storm. Trees are unpredictable. All we can do is make sure they get all the care and nourishment they can to prevent the worst scenarios from happening.

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