Few Reasons Why You Should Travel to India in 2020


If you want to explore all type of tourist destinations in one place, you must travel to India. Be it wild safaris or desert safaris, nature seeking places or adventure activities, spiritual places or honeymoon spots, tourist destinations in India give you every reason to travel to India.

Few reasons why you should travel to India in 2020

Listed below are the few reasons why you should travel to India in 2020.

1. Spirituality

India is home to a diverse range of spiritual and religious beliefs, traditions and places of worship. It offers many retreats that enable travellers to begin a journey of inner peace. You can book Cultural Tours of India packages that enable you to get a great experience knowing the diverse spiritual culture of India.

2. Nature’s Paradise

Lush green forests, majestic mountain peaks, scenic lakes, mosaics of grasslands, tropical beaches and vast stretches of wilderness, India packs an assortment of treasures for nature lovers.

3. Historic Architecture

Indian Architecture is defined by its diversity. Indian architecture has evolved over a period of centuries where each dynasty of rulers has made a significant contribution. The earlier centuries where influenced by the Hindu architecture during which lot of temples were built. After this period India was ruled by Delhi Sultanate during which lot of Persian style with big domes and arches was introduced in the Indian architecture which continued till Mughal empire. After Mughals lost and Britisher’s came, Indian architecture was yet again influenced by the Colonial and European architecture which can be seen in the design of Chandigarh and New Delhi. Many monuments are declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

4. Gastronomy

Traditional Indian gastronomy is predominantly a melange of spices and flavours. Because of its cultural and linguistic diversity, culinary style in India varies from place to place. You will find lip-smacking cuisines and dishes at every nook and corner of this country. From fine dining to street food, it is irresistible to miss out on the famous delicacies when in India.

5. Luxury

Being the land of Mughals and Nawabs, luxury is what you expect in India. India houses numerous palaces, forts, luxury trains and luxury hotels where travellers can experience the royal luxury life. So, if you plan to visit, do add Luxury Tours India on your bucket list.

6. Health and wellness

In India, one can get the best dose of wellness in the finest retreats of India, where you can rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. India has become the center of attraction for many such services like Yoga, Meditation and ancient Ayurveda.

7. Shopper’s Paradise

Crafts, carpentry, clothes, rugs, leather goods, semi-precious stones and jewelry create the best souvenirs from India. From malls to local markets, India offers anything and everything to tourists.

8. Best Hospitality

Hospitality is the main essence of Indian culture. Indians treat their guests with warmth, respect and best services.


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