How to Prepare for a Road Trip with Friends


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A road trip with a great group of friends is one of the simplest pleasures in life. Whether your itinerary includes multiple stops to check out local sites or you have one main destination in mind, planning the ins and outs of the trip with your mates is one of the best parts of a road trip. Here are a few top tips to help you prepare for a memorable trip away.

How to Prepare for a Road Trip with Friends

Choose the Right Location

You don’t need to travel far to experience an epic road trip, but having a location in mind can help. Local places are a good idea for groups who haven’t traveled far in a car before. If your group of friends only has one designated driver, it also reduces the risk of fatigue. Although it is possible to go on a road trip with just one person driving, the journey will be more relaxed for the whole group if there are at least two willing drivers. Combining your road trip with camping is a great way to enjoy the road and spend time in nature. RoofBunk has a selection of roof tents that are quick and easy to set up. Roof tents allow you to set up camp whenever the driver gets tired, and many can accommodate up to four people. Not to mention, they are a cost-effective option to stay at a hotel, giving you a unique opportunity to bond with your friends during your trip.

Pick a Route

Part of the fun of a road trip is the spontaneity that comes with being behind the wheel on the road. However, it is a good idea to have an idea of the route you plan to take. Not only will this give you a chance to choose the scenic route, but you will also have a rough idea of where you can stop for a break. Even if the driver doesn’t feel tired, planning a 15-minute rest stop every two hours is the best way to avoid accidents on the road. Driving for an extended amount of time can increase the risk of fatigue and reduce reaction times, leading to car accidents. Ideally two drivers in a car is good when starting a long journey. Also, there are other sourcs of transportation also to consider. You can take St Barts Ferry to reach St.Martin.

Check Your Car

The last thing you want is for your car to break down in the middle of your journey. Before setting off, checking if your car is fit for a road trip is important. Check your tire pressure, fluid levels, and your filters. If in doubt, schedule a trip to the garage so that a professional can assess the car. To be safe, be sure to keep an emergency roadside kit and a tire repair kit in the boot.

Pack Light

The idea of traveling in your car might tempt you to over-pack, but there are a few advantages to packing less. No matter how much space you have in the boot, packing light can save you from lugging around heavy bags when you arrive at your destination, and it will also help you save money on fuel. Furthermore, you will have extra space for souvenirs.


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