Want A Thriving Business? Focus on the Psychology of Logo Design!


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What’s the first thing that flickers through your mind when you think of starting a business and making it successful apart from all the nitty-gritty? “I need a logo made” is the first thought that pops in your mind when you think of brand identification. Usually, this subject is oversimplified, and though some attention is given to the psychology of colors, the psychology of logo design, on the whole, is not discussed much.

Want A Thriving Business? Focus on the Psychology of Logo Design!

It is important to understand this psychology to understand how and what meaning will your logo expresses rather than just a means of identification.

Definition of Logo and the Psychology behind Logos

The logo is a term derived from the Greek terminology, meaning ‘word.’ So, if we take it in literal terms with its current use, a logo is kind of a visual word. If the logo is sort of a word, then it would naturally be interpreted by different people in different ways. There will be a cultural impact as well as an influence of personal experiences when it comes to logo designing. People are diversified, and so are their views, and naturally, their understanding levels will be different too.

The two attributes that play a key role in any logo are shape and color. Given below are some facts that would help you understand the Psychology of Logo Design.

Role of Colors

Color is the most misunderstood attribute of the psychology of logo designing. The influence of so many articles stating the different associations of colors has influenced the mindsets of the consumer market. Therefore, the clients come up to you and say, Make me a logo in this color or that color.” And their whole concept behind a color would be one of the articles on the psychology of colors.

The most important thing about the design of your logo is that you understand your targeted audience and make the right choice of colors for your logo. Sticking to a single color allows you to exercise more control over what you want to convey through your logo. Secondly, it is an excellent marketing strategy. Using the same color for your brand consistently will train people’s minds into associating that color with your brand. Think about how you associate red with Coca Cola or Target, purple with Cadbury, Green with white base for Starbucks or Unilever in blue, etc.

Whether you are designing on your own or doing it with the help of a logo designing company, your primary color has to work with the white or black background. It’s a good strategy because it breaks the uniformity of the monotone, and secondly, it complements and projects the main color. This practice makes it easy to understand the psychology behind the attribute of color.

Role of Shapes

Since the beginning of time, the human brain has had an affinity with shapes, and this plays anvital role when it comes to logo designing. If you take a psychological perspective on this, then shapes play a key role in learning. Our brains are hardwired to memorize and remember various shapes. Nike, Audi, McDonald’s, the Olympic Symbol all are easy to recall, thanks to their logo designing services who understood the meaning behind shapes.

In a way, letters are also a form of shape. It is essential that each letter is given proper attention and see if there is any meaning hidden with the various shapes. Prominently thriving businesses have powerful logo shapes with the finest of details. Think of Volkswagen, Toyota, etc.

It doesn’t matter who designs, but how it is designed. Some very famous brands have had logo designing services that have proved to be catastrophic for the meaning underlying the logo. Whereas others have logos, every designer wishes to design.

For instance, the FedEx logo is extremely smart. Its designer Lindon Leader has created the arrow shape using the negative space between the letters E and X, which symbolizes speed and precision, which is perfect for FedEx courier services.

When designing a logo, every logo designing agency or even freelance designers should keep in mind that the interpretation should be precise and on-point.


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