Gift Card Summit Shows Why Google Play Gift Cards are Perfect for Mobile Gamers


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Mobile gaming used to have a pretty bad reputation in the gaming world – and that’s because it used to be for middle-aged moms playing Bejewelled clones. Today, mobile devices have advanced to such a degree that you can run virtually anything you like on them.

The sophistication of mobile games has gone up massively, making the whole genre far more appealing to consumers. Gift Card Summit is a firm believer that mobile gaming is the future, as the technology, developers, and most importantly, gamers are already there.

Gift Card Summit Shows Why Google Play Gift Cards are Perfect for Mobile Gamers

But, as a mobile gamer, or someone who has an exceptional little mobile gamer in their lives, what’s the best way to purchase mobile games? Gift Card Summit presents Google Play Gift Cards as the perfect solution for mobile video game purchases, and here’s why.

A Vast Landscape of Smartphone Video Games

One of the most appealing parts of Google Play Gift Cards is that it gives the necessary freedom that every mobile gamer desires. Mobile gaming is a vast landscape and has more games, genres, and game types than you can imagine. This variety makes it so that there are more types of mobile gamers out there than people think.

Some like strategy games, others like shooters, and some like classic arcade games – what ties all of these games together is that the best the industry has to offer usually costs something.

Mobile games aren’t that expensive to purchase, as they earn most of their money through microtransactions. The best games, though, do have a price tag on them, so you’ll need to cough up a symbolic sum.

Gamers Can Choose What They Want

Gift Card Summit knows, all gamers like the flexibility that the Google Play Store has to offer. With unique Google Play Gift Cards, gamers can buy virtually anything they like.

1. They Can Buy All the Games They Desire

There are over 600,000 apps on the Google play store, and a good part of that number is made up of mobile games. There are more genres than you can imagine – based on the average cost, most games don’t exceed the $2, and Gift Card Summit reports that most gift cards are over that amount.

2. They Can Get a Hold of in-Game Items, Bundles, and Upgrades

One of the ways that the mobile gaming and app industry makes money is the most money is through microtransactions and in-app purchases. Many games utilize this mechanic to rid the player of advertisements or give them in-game perks and items. Through Google Play Gift Cards, gamers can purchase their favorite stuff in-game without having to bust out the credit card – which is also perfect for underage gamers.

3. They Can Purchase Movies and TV Shows

Google Play doesn’t only have essential apps, games, and in-app purchases. It also has a vast selection of movies and TV shows that your mobile gaming enthusiast can enjoy when they aren’t playing the latest that the Android gaming world has to offer.

4. They Can Get Music and Books

People love music, and they love listening to music on their phones. The best tunes always cost a bit of money, and you can find them on Google Play. With the Google Play Gift Card, your mobile gamer can relax while reading a Google Play book and listening to some top tunes on their device.

There Are Many Card Options Around

You’ll have more Google Play Gift Card options than you could ever need, and Gift Card Summit hosts two of the most popular options – the €25 and the €50 gift card.

They Can Get Essential PC Gaming Addons

Gamers are gamers, and many gamers don’t stick to one platform only. A significant portion of the gaming population uses their mobile phones to enhance their gaming experience on PC and consoles, and the best apps that help gamers do that cost a bit of money.

Managing your inventory while you’re away, observing your character’s performance, or even chatting all becomes a possibility if you have an app that goes along with your videogame of choice. Google Play is chock full of them.

Final Thoughts

That particular mobile gamer in your life will adore their Google Play Gift Card. Not only can they get the latest that the mobile gaming industry has to offer, but they can also get virtually anything from the Google Play store they like from shows, tunes, movies, and even in-app purchases.

Gift cards are also the ideal present for minors, as they can purchase everything they like without ever needing a credit card. Gift Card Summit offers a wide variety of online gift cards for your enjoyment.


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