The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing the Best PDF Editor


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With many sites, applications, platforms, and even devices that the latest technology offers, everything is about accessibility. These differences sometimes result in versions incompatible with another. This is the reason the best bet of students and professionals alike is to always use PDF as their file format of choice. With a PDF file, the authenticity and format of your file remain the same no matter where you open it. With this said, few people know it is actually possible to do final changes to your PDF file without editing the word document or PPT or whatever file it is saved from. If you have xls file then you can use excel to pdf to convert it to PDF.

The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing the Best PDF Editor

Using a reliable PDF editor can make this work! You can even find sites or tools where you can edit PDF free! If you are wondering which one to use, this article is for you. Here is how you can find the right PDF editor:

1. Check out the feedback

You can indeed do almost all your important processes in the digital space. Many people had become reliable on what the Internet offers, especially today when we are all advised to stay at home because of the pandemic. This also means that there will be a lot of malicious elements waiting to pounce. Your documents and data might be exploited and used against you. This is the reason it is vital to double-check the tools that you are going to use. For us, the best free PDF editor will have top-notch security encryption that will guarantee the safety of your documents. Try checking out the feedback from people who frequently use PDF editors online. From their feedback, you can vouch that a PDF editor tool is to be trusted. An example of this is PDFBear. They are quite easy and convenient to use and guaranteed to be safe and trusted.

2. Check the integrity of the site

To choose a reliable PDF editor, it is also good to trust your guts. Go and visit the site and get a feel of its layout. Go see for yourself if the layout of the site is nicely designed. You will also see here if the tool is convenient and easy to use. It will be best if the site practices the utmost transparency with its users by informing the public what the site is all about. A good site will also be available wherever you are by being inclusive with how many languages it is available in.

3. Try it out yourself

The best way to check out if the PDF editor works fine is to try them out yourself and gain social practice from it. Check out if it provides great and convenient options to edit your PDF. This will all depend, too, on your preference and current conditions. If you are living a fast-paced lifestyle, PDFBear may be more convenient for you because you do not need to install it on your computer when using it.

How to use a PDF editor?

Since we talked about checking out a PDF editor to test if it works, allow us to also share with you how to use PDFBear when editing PDF files. Here is how:

1. Go to the site

Open your browser and go to PDFBear. Remember, when choosing a site or tool to trust your files with, make sure that the tool is safe and trustworthy.

2. Upload your file

Click “Select a File” to choose the file that you want to edit. By clicking this, you will be redirected to your folders. From here, you would just look for your file and click it. If the window containing the folder of your chosen PDF file is already open, you can just click and drag it to the site’s uploading box.

3. Apply your desired changes

Now that you have uploaded the file, you can now edit your PDF file. PDFBear allows users to draw, highlight, or add texts and shapes to their documents. With this, you can practically do whatever you need with your now-editable document.

4. Finalize your changes

Now that you are satisfied with the changes that you need to apply, you will just need to complete it by clicking “Apply” when you are ready.

5. Download your new PDF file

PDFBear will process your changes. This rarely takes very long. Once your PDF file is done, a download option will appear. From here, you can now retrieve your new PDF file.

Always research and cautious

Here are just some things you need to know about getting the best PDF editor there is. Now that you know about it, you will be more aware of the proper things to do to ensure that your document is secure, and your privacy is well taken care of. Try out PDFBear for yourself and you’ll never look for any other tool for your documents.


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