Home Improvement: Picking the Best Drawer Slides


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Do you want your room to look as if it is out of a catalogue? Do you want people to get mesmerized on seeing your wonderful room? Creating perfection requires immense effort and smart thinking on your part. Only then you can reap the fruit of your labor.

An essential element of your room are the drawers. They play a crucial role in keeping your room organized. Initially, you will need to do a bit of research work on your part regarding drawers and their slides. You can search the internet with the keyword buy drawer slides at Kaboodle New Zealand.

Home Improvement: Picking the Best Drawer Slides

To make things easier, we will give you a brief guideline about choosing your drawers slides.

Choosing the best drawer slides

Select the drawer slide type

There are three basic drawer slides types which you will come across. They are underneath drawers. The slides of the drawers remain concealed when you open these drawers. The second type is side of the drawer. For this type of drawer, the slides are visible when you open it.

There is a third category of drawer slide also. It gets referred to as bottom of the drawer. Again, the slides are visible when you open the drawer.

Identify the drawer movement mechanism

Next, you need to determine the movement mechanism of the drawer also. You will come across self-closing slides. These drawers have roller wheels that guide the drawer. The slides get mounted on the drawer sides.

These slides may get mounted on the drawer joints also. When we talk about the movement mechanism, then we come across ball-bearing slides. These slides have a heavy-duty construction. They get mounted on the drawer sides.

The third type of movement mechanism is undermount slides. They are high-end drawer slides that get concealed on the drawer underside.

Figure out the closing mechanism

You will come across self-close drawers. When the installation of the self-close drawers is correct, then the slides close the drawer. However, the soft-closed drawers tend to draw themselves closed.

The soft-closed drawer slow down the drawer for preventing the slamming.

Try measuring the side length

If you want the drawers in the Faceframe cabinets, then try measuring the cabinet box depth. You need to take the measurement from the opening edge of the cabinet to the back. If you want the drawers in a frameless cabinet, then measure the drawer from front to back.

You also need to check out how far the drawer type can extend. When you go for self-closing drawer, then one quarter of the drawer remains with the cabinet. If you go for soft-closing drawers, then the drawer extends out of the cabinet fully.

When you buy the drawer slide types, make sure that you consider these aspects. Secondly, make your purchase from the best vendor. The benefit of this practice is that you will be able to make the best pick.

The best slide type tends to last longer too. Make sure that you go for the best pick right away so that you do not have any regrets.


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