How to Create a Breakout Space in Your Home Office


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Suppose your job has recently changed to a more remote based role, possibly partly due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic’s effect on the world of business. In that case, you may well understandably be struggling to achieve that oft strived for balance of professional and personal commitments.

How to Create a Breakout Space in Your Home Office

One of the most effective ways to increase the efficiency of your working day at home and to simultaneously ensure you have the right amount of breaks is to design a space within your home office set-up that is specifically designed to give both your body and your mind a break from work.

With that being said, continue reading to learn how to create a breakout space in your home office.

Invest In A Coffee Machine

Obviously, this is only really applicable if you have a penchant for coffee, unless you are passionate about a morning hot chocolate, of course. Investing in a small and portable coffee machine is a fantastic way to create a relaxing space away from your desk and computer.

In the same way that in a conventional office environment, you would walk over to the staff room or drinks station and make a coffee, having a similar set-up in your home office will give you the break you need. Affording you the luxury of ready-made and delicious tasting coffee within your home office will certainly provide you with that ten-minute respite you are looking for.

Comfy Seating

Comfy seating is essential if the space allows. One of the best possible investments you can make when designing and creating your small breakout space as part of your home office is one of the soft, durable and aesthetically attractive giant bean bags from a reputable and renowned supplier.

As high-tech and expensive as your office chair may be, your body still needs to physically relax and unwind after sitting up straight and working at your computer all morning. The beauty of the giant bean bag is that as they are easily transportable, you can use them in every single other room of the house as well.

Indoor Plants

Another fantastic addition to the breakout area of your home office that boasts a myriad of benefits both to your physical health as well as your emotional health and wellbeing is that of an indoor plant or two.

Advantages of indoor plants in and around your home office space include but are categorically in no way limited to a better quality of air, reductions in stress and anxiety levels, and a way of bringing the outdoors inside the office.

Mini Fridge

Alongside your brand-new coffee machine, another brilliant investment is a mini fridge. For the well-organized, you could even prepare your lunch the night before, so you are still very much in the working environment but can eat your lunch away from the screen.
The price of such appliances has fallen considerably over the last few years. You will be able to pick up a small and aesthetically attractive mini fridge for your breakout space for as little as fifty dollars or less.


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