Tips on Planning a Room in No Time


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Imagine a situation when you need to move to a new property tomorrow. Or you are about to meet some relatives who don’t approve of your spartan way of life. Or… No matter what, you have little time and a room to design. With a good planner house, design is easy, fast, and even fun.

Tips on Planning a Room in No Time

Apps Do the Trick

A sheet of paper is where ideas start, but planning requires a better tool. Modern apps let you plan your room with incredible precision, given that they can import the blueprint of your property and 3D models of the furniture pieces you want to try. If colors and sizes of any item vary, you’ll be given all the available options. There are even tools that help you radically renovate rooms, for example, move windows or doors. Well planned, easier done.

Still, among various apps, you better choose the best. It should fully support 3D, because furniture and stuff, unlike rugs on the floor, have height as well as depth and width. Some of these apps are paid, some require subscription, others are free but limited in features; well, it may make sense to subscribe for a certain limited period of time, like a week or even three days. If you need the work to be done quickly, it will pay off.

Find Inspiration

There is always some reference online or within your memory. You remember the rooms you felt the most comfortable in. Well, why not partly recreate them? Remember the elements that comforted you the most. A desk right at the window, so you can write to the street noise? A fireplace? A stadium-size bed that leaves little place for other furniture, so nothing distracts you? These key elements are what you need to start with, and then build the room around them.

In fact, you can find inspiration anywhere. Homes you visit, movies and shows you see, wishes you express when something’s wrong. Just pull it out of your memory when you start planning. If the room you plan is not for you personally, don’t be afraid to ask the one it’s for what they would like to have there. Directly. This will make things easier.

Use Templates

Many apps come with templates for the most popular room sizes and shapes. Maybe your room (or two, or all of them) fits a certain template. Maybe it requires just a little change (move the door an inch left, make the window half an inch wider). Templates exist to save our time, so if there is a fitting one, why not use it? Maybe you will like some of its ideas.
In addition, these templates are based on popular concepts of comfort and livability. What’s good for most people may be good for you, with little changes to make it more personal.

Check the Stores

It’s not the plan you need at the end (at least, so we suppose). What you indeed want is a room. A plan is of little use if you cannot get the items you have positioned on it. So as you do the planning, check the stores to see whether the bed, the chairs, the table, the cabinet, and whatever else you put on it are available.

By the way, narrowing the selection will help you advance faster. If you can choose only one suitable bed model, you’ll be more limited in finding a fitting bedtable or choosing the right color for the wallpaper. Usually, the more we have to choose from, the better is the result. But when you are short of time, you may benefit from the opposite.


Maybe you don’t need to design your room right now. But if suddenly you need to, there are things that you need to have prepared.

  • Take measures periodically, even if you have the blueprint or the floor plan. It will help you detect whether everything is okay.
  • Practice visualizing. The clearer you see the picture of your life, the easier it will be to materialize it.
  • Make small improvements in your room as soon as you feel you need them (one more chair, the desk closer to the wall, an extra handle to close the balcony from both sides, etc.) When you make a new design, make sure all these minor patches are applied from the beginning.

Hope you’ll find these tips useful. And when you need to redesign your room, it’ll take less time and lead to a greater result!


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