Prefabricated Homes – A Smart Choice for the 21st Century NZ Homeowner


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We all need shelter, yet most of us are very particular about our living space, indeed, we invest more time, energy and money into our home than any other element of our lives. The construction industry has moved with the times, especially when it comes to modular homes, which are designed and built in a factory, then assembled onsite.

prefabricated homes

Research & development

A lot of money has been spent on the research and development of prefabricated structures, with the emphasis on insulation and low-maintenance. There are forward-thinking property developers in Auckland with attractive and functional modular homes and they can be found with an online search. Whether you choose an existing template or you want to design from the ground up, the process of designing the unit is seamless and within a few weeks, your new home will be ready for delivery and installation.

Leasing land

Some New Zealanders are simply not in a position to own their home and to lease a plot of land and install a modular structure is much more affordable; you might not own the land, but you do own the structure in which you live and relocation is not a big deal. This gives you more independence than if you owned the land and the building, while your investment will appreciate in value, as would a brick-and-mortar house.

Minimal maintenance

The great thing about prefabricated housing is the maintenance or rather lack of it. High quality composite materials do not require any maintenance, which saves both time and money. No painting is needed with composites, nor do you need to apply preservatives; talk to the modular home supplier and ask about the types of materials on offer.

Live off-grid

Invest in a complete solar power system and there’s no need to hook up to the national grid; imagine being free from the grip of corporate energy monsters that hike their prices on an almost daily basis! Talk to a solar panel supplier about fitting out your new home with everything you need to generate clean and renewable energy.

There are no downsides to modular buildings for homes and whatever your preferences, you can design the ideal living space.


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